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Molly Hirsch, Liaison to Extraterrestrial Life on Earth (Jessica Subject)


Molly Hirsch, Liaison to Extraterrestrial Life on Earth

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting with me today. I’m Molly, one of the Space Service liaisons to extraterrestrials here on Earth. Oh, you didn’t know aliens already resided on the planet? Well, um, they do. Surprise!

As part of the Space Service, we kind of keep them under control, make sure they don’t try to take over the planet or anything. Kidding! Not. We’re kind of like that movie, Men In Black, but we don’t get the designer suits, though the recruiters do. And no flashy memory thingies, either. I guess you could think of us more like parole officers. We have to do regular checkups on all of the extraterrestrial beings, and make sure they’re not getting into any trouble.

So, come with me. I have to visit a family of Morgals. They’re relatively peaceful. Though you may want to keep your hands above your waist, the youngest is teething.

[Molly steps through a doorway inside a grassy knoll. She follows a dimly lit hallway that leads deep underground.]

I hope none of you are claustrophobic. They should have warned you beforehand.

[She stops before another doorway.]

Now, before we go inside, please note that the Morgals did not come to our planet to bring us harm. They just needed a place to live, so don’t judge. Oh, and I meant what I said about keeping your hands up. And if you don’t have closed toes on your footwear, you may want to stay outside.

[Walking through the next doorway, she places her hands on her hips. In front of her, a family of four sits around a wooden table. The Morgals have pasty white skin, no hair, and large dark eyes. They wear little clothing, only enough to cover their genitals. Each one of them smiles at her and waves in greeting, but no one talks.]

I trust all is well?

[The family nods, and then scuffling and snorting breaks the silence.]

Hands up!

[A pale creature, no taller than two feet, comes around the corner and begins to sniff everyone’s legs.]

This is the youngest Morgal, Nolan. He’s quite the character. The first time I met him, I ended up with him stuck on my finger for over an hour. He was nursing back then, and determined to find milk in the tip of my finger.

[The tiny boy leaves the visitors and climbs onto his mother’s lap, glancing up at her. She purrs at him and strokes his head.]

Well, everything seems fine here. I have many more homes to visit today, but I can’t take you to all of them, as some are just too dangerous if you’re not trained.

[Molly guides everyone back out to the tour bus and holds a slim silver tube in front of her while donning a pair of black shades.]

Now, if you’ll just look right here…


Alien Lover Blurb:

Unconvinced of her fiancé’s demise, Molly combs the galaxy to search for him. As her supplies run low, she is forced to turn around and set a course for Earth, alone. But, a Moloxian Starcruiser halts her retreat, and the single passenger transports onto her ship without permission. Taser in hand to defend herself, she is startled as the form remolds into her fiancé. Has Diego found her or is her tired mind playing tricks?

Now available from Decadent Publishing and other ebook retailers.

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“Incoming message,” the computer chimed. “Source located one nautical mile away, starboard.”

She brushed her hands across the console and brought the video feed from the ship’s right hand side onscreen. The image quivered, and she groaned when it finally became clear. A Moloxian starcruiser.

Shit! I just want to go home. During her search, the crews of the few Moloxian scavenger ships she’d come across had been willing to let her pass if she traded with them. But she had nothing left, only enough food and fuel to reach Earth, and even then she’d be hungry during the last leg of her journey.

“Play.” She decided to listen to their demands, give them what they wanted, and move on. She had no other choice. Starvation was a better alternative than providing the sexual services they’d always hinted at. The Moloxians, though humanoid, had scale-covered bodies. So incompatible with her own. She wouldn’t survive unscathed and didn’t sleep around anyway.

“Prepare to be boarded.” The deep computerized voice shook her. No slur, and therefore not Moloxian. Who the hell was he?

She didn’t have time to contemplate. Her blood boiling, she gripped the arms of her chair. The creature, whatever species he happened to be, planned to come onto her ship. No one boarded without her permission, which she would not grant. At the sound of her transporter, like the pitter-patter of rain on Earth, she leaped from her seat and spun around. She grasped her bolt stunner and pointed it at the figure materializing into solid form before her eyes.

With a huge outline, the male boarding her ship would only bring her trouble. If his strength matched his size, she had one option: to kill him. She took in his bare, broad chest, sculpted abs, and muscled arms. His tanned skin shone with brilliance, as if the sun rested behind him. She gazed up at his dark hair and warm brown eyes. He studied her with an intense stare while his soft lips curved into a smile.

She gasped. “Diego?”


Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.

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  1. Thank you so much for having Molly and I on Literary Lagniappe today! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to read this Jessica, it sounds great! I want to hear what happened next with Molly & Diego.

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  4. You always have to watch out for the grassy knolls!

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