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For Authors

Want to be a guest on Literary Lagniappe? We’d love to have you! Please read the information below before you contact us.

We have guest posts on our blog every Tuesday and Thursday. Please see our calendar for available dates. If you see an open date that you’d like, please send us an email and we’ll get you set up. We schedule a few months at a time and will announce when we open new dates.

We are open to all varieties of romance. You are welcome here whether you write inspirational, sweet, sexy, or erotic work and whether your characters are heterosexual or span the GLBT spectrum.  You are welcome to send adult excepts as part of your post, but please make sure that is clear in your post so that people can make their own decisions. Because of this, we do have an adult content warning on our site. At this time, we are not promoting young adult or new adult works.

All guests are required to do a giveaway as part of their visit. This can be an e-book, print books, gift card, swag, or really anything. The point is to provide readers with something fun. All contests on our site run for 48 hours and we’ll randomly choose a winner at that time and send you the details.

We encourage authors to post something behind-the-scenes related. This can be an interesting story related to the inspiration for the story or to the research process, a deleted scene, interesting tidbits about the characters, or something creative that you come up with. When you schedule a date, we’ll send you an information sheet. We do not accept posts that are mainly a blurb/excerpt (with the exception of excerpts that are deleted scenes or other unique content).

Here are some of our suggestions for possible post topics:

  • Character panel interview
  • Individual  interview with the hero or heroine
  • Character background/profiles. What was the hero doing the day before the story starts? Where did the heroine go to college?
  • Interview with author about the ‘Making Of’
  • Behind the scene look at a scene or book as a whole. What was going on with the author while this book was being written?
  • A deleted scene that didn’t make the final draft
  • The ‘Author’s Cut’—an extended version of a scene
  • Author’s ‘commentary’ on a particular scene
  • A ‘blooper’ reel
  • Casing of the role of hero and/or heroine. How did this person get to be the star in this story?
  • Was there a song that was inspiring? Did this book have a soundtrack?
  • If you could write the score for the book, which scenes would have which music?
  • Sneak peak at the sequel

Scheduled posts must be sent to us a week before the post is scheduled to go live. If you don’t get it to us by this time, we reserve the right to replace your content with something else. We like to make sure everything is set up and working properly, and we can’t do that if we don’t have the information in time.

Have more questions? Ready to schedule your post? Check the calendar, then email us at literarylagniappe @ (take out the spaces around the @ sign)!