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Things Romance Heroes Love: Flying First Class


Hi everyone! Lisa and I thought we’d post a little something extra every few weeks. When we were batting around ideas while lost in my car, we came up with the idea of Things Romance Heroes Love. Now, we all love our blue collar men, tough cowboys, and lost demon souls, but we are focusing on our traditional alpha billionaires. The ones who are able to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

Like flying first class. This has been on mind since I’ll be putting in 12,000 (yes, you read that right) miles worth of travel time in economy over the course of 10 days this month (someone send help). So, I got my very own romance hero to tell you why it is worth the upgrade.


I have no idea how any manages in the back of the plane. First off, I can’t even begin to think about getting through that boring safety briefing without a glass of champagne in my hand. The real stuff. Not sparkling wine, but champagne. And where exactly do you keep your drink while in flight? On your tray table? You can’t do that very well while catching up on your company’s latest financial report.


Is it even possible to get your legs into those seats? Not if you’re 6’4″. I like to be able to stretch out a little, not keep my knees next to my chest.  Besides, for my longer flights, I prefer to be able to recline properly to get some sleep before I hit the ground running. It’s really a necessity if you’re traveling between continents on a weekly basis. 

3132597442_f348dcdb68 (1)


And what about the lavatories? One for fifty or more passengers? How is there ever a time when you aren’t standing in line? I much prefer to be able to relax and take the time I need to freshen up. 


I find upgrading to be not only a great way to ensure I enjoy the flight, but to make sure that I’m treated like a human being, not part of a cattle drive. Of course, I always upgrade any travel partner I have as well. Sipping champagne is so much more enjoyable with a beautiful woman sitting next to me.


How about you? Have you ever upgraded to first class? Was it worth it?


Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

7 thoughts on “Things Romance Heroes Love: Flying First Class

  1. Yes, this sounds lovely and the only proper way to fly. We must take first class to RT in May.

  2. I flew first class to Romanticon which was dreamy because it was a long flight. My DH used the miles he had accrued traveling for businesses to snag me the upgrade (yes, he’s a keeper!) They brought free drinks and delicious smelling food. I was dieting so I didn’t eat, but my favorite part was having my own armrest. I always seem to be seated next to an armrest hog. It was nice to be the master of my very tiny universe for a whole. Also, if you are traveling first class you get to go into a special SHORT line to check in, and at our airport, there’s a shorter line for security. (Usually, I’m glaring at those people as they zip through!)

    On a humorous note, on one of the planes, a family of gypsies was also in first class (?) and as soon as we took off, they pulled an enormous picnic out of their satchels and ate all the way from Dallas to Cincinnati. I had to laugh. Half the fun of first class is being plied with gourmet delights!

    • I didn’t know you flew first class on the way there. Lucky you. I always stare at the people in first class and secretly hate them (guess it isn’t really a secret anymore).

      Gypsies in first is a new one though…

  3. When I was employable, (that was before I became so funny) I flew all over the world. On occasion, I got stuck flying business class, but normally I could upgrade to first. Turns out first has different meanings on different planes. In one first class seat, I could sit sideways in the seat, it was that wide, and interrogate the passenger beside me. (He happened to work for my company and I believed he had information I needed.) On my constant trips to Nederlands, they would let me make coke floats. (not on the menu) since I proved I could do so without causing a mess. I would also bring and acquire a great deal of pillow and stuff them in a long sleeping bag liner. (It’s like a long six foot pillow case.) This was before they had actual sleepers. Now that I think of it, I probably inspired flat beds in business and first class. Otherwise, everyone would have started building them like I did.

    Yes, this all went on while I was employable. Now, I may be on the ‘no fly’ lists.

    • Yes, it definitely means different things different places. I frequently see pictures from Asian airlines that have first class sections that look bigger and nicer than my house. On some of the little flights I take in the US, it really doesn’t look much better than the cattle car.

  4. Ah yes, the … um … joys of business travel. I’m well over 100K miles for 2012 and still have 2 trips left this year. I agree with lizaoconnor – first class means different things on different planes/airlines, but it always beats cattle (oops make that coach) class. 🙂 One of my favorite first class flights is to Hawaii – they serve Mai Tai’s!

    • The one time I got to fly first class was on the way to Hawaii. Sadly, I was 20 at the time (we had a bunch of airline vouchers) and I wasn’t provided with any Mai Tai’s. Just gives me a reason to go back! My mom really wants to go visit the new Disney resort in Maui, so it could happen.

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