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Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes


geekfailI’ve been a bad geek.

Why? The fall television line up looks bleak. I’m not excited about any of the shows that I used to watch. None of them are striking my fancy anymore. And the new shows premiering? Meh. I’m indifferent. I sat down Monday evening to watch the new show Gotham and…it was all right. Nothing to write home about. And I’m not certain there was enough UMPH to it to get me to tune again next Monday. I’ll see. What about you? Is there anything on that you’re totally in love with that you think I should check out? Or something you’ve got lukewarm feelings for?



2 thoughts on “Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes

  1. Sara – I have a houseful of geeky guys. The Man & Sullen watch Dr. Who (isn’t that like the geek banner??) and they’ve been watching “The Last Ship” and “Defiance”. Mouth is hooked on “Arrow” but I don’t know if he watched Gotham or not. Personally, as the (surviving thus far) Mom of twins, I have found “The Mysteries of Laura” to be absolutely HYSTERICAL, although it’s not really geek-worthy.

  2. Umm… Once Upon a Time!!!

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