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The Badge Behind The Book by Carolyn LaRoche


Thank you to Literary Lagniappe for having me today. I am very excited about my new novel Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos, the debut book in the Secret Lives of Police Wives series being released on Friday, April 3rd.

This new series tells the stories of women as dedicated to keeping their secrets as their husbands are to their jobs, even those secrets often drop them right into the lap of mystery and crime. Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos introduces Cyndi Mills, wife to the tactically sound and zealous officer Jason Mills. Cyndi secretly spends her Friday nights dancing in a local gentleman’s club where finds herself mixed up in a ring of crime that ends up outing her to Jason and putting their marriage into jeopardy.

I’ve been asked many times what gave me the idea for this new series. Part of the answer is easy- I believe that writing is often done best if the author writes what they know or love. I am a sucker for the loner, brooding cop who thinks he will never meet the right woman until she comes along and cracks his hard shell. Usually surrounded by flying bullets, racing cars and burning buildings they fall in love and live happily ever after. Creating an entire series based on the women who have already spent a lifetime married to such loner, brooding cops was an opportunity too good to pass up.

The rest of the answer is a little more complicated. Being married to a cop is just like being married to anyone in any career field, except it isn’t. There are all these little quirks that cops seem to share that come from years on the streets seeing the worst human kind has to offer. Sitting in the back of a restaurant in clear view of the door. Backing the car into a driveway or parking space instead of pulling in. Constant awareness of what everyone around them is doing at every moment. Handcuffs stashed in random places. Never quite knowing if that really is a gun in his pocket… These things that may seem odd to some are the very spice of law enforcement life and great for weaving an exciting tale of intrigue and love.

I mean, has your significant other ever asked you if a gun made him look fat?



Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos-267x400

Even a cop’s wife has secrets… When young exotic dancers start disappearing, can Cyndi find the missing girls without exposing her own little secret?

Cyndi Mills has a great life. A handsome husband that desires her, a beautiful daughter, and friends she could trust with her life. It’s only logical that she secretly takes a job as an exotic dancer at one of Virginia Beach’s night clubs.

When dancers start disappearing, Cyndi is determined to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, solving the case means her overly protective husband has to know that she has been lying to him for months about where she goes every Friday night. Cyndi has no idea just how deep she will get by going undercover as a confidential informant. Will she risk her marriage to find justice?

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Breathless Press

**GIVEAWAY: One lucky commenter will win an e-book copy of Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos. Contest ends 4/5 at 11:59PM EDT.**

Author Bio:

meCarolyn LaRoche grew up in snow country but fled the cold and ice several years ago. She now lives near the beach with her husband, their two boys, two finicky cats and one old dog. When she is not at the baseball field cheering on big hits and home runs, she is busy teaching science to unwilling teenagers.




Twitter: @CarolynLaRoche





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2 thoughts on “The Badge Behind The Book by Carolyn LaRoche

  1. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Carolyn!

  2. oh I totally want to read this one! I immediately starting stalking the author via FB and Twitter and forgot to comment LOL

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