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Does a cover make all the difference? by Eva Lefoy


I have a confession to make. I look at books based on the cover first. Yep, I’m a sucker for a nice sexy body or a steamy scene that makes me say, whoa, I’ve got to know more! Heh. So to me, a cover is important, first and foremost. But… it’s not the only thing I look at in my buying decisions.

Secondly, I read the blurb. If the blurb matches the images on the cover and promises a good story, I often will buy the book – or, download the sample if I’m still not sure. If I read the sample and love it, I immediately hit the buy button!

This is how book buying is supposed to work! It’s what we’re all used to. In the old days, we’d go to the book store, browse a section and pick up an interesting looking book. Then, we’d study the cover before flipping it over to read the back cover blurb. If it sounded intriguing, we’d ruffle the pages and skim a bit here and there, see if anything caught our eye. Then, purchase in hand, we’d make our way to the counter.

Our buying decisions may have a taken a little bit longer than hitting the “buy button,” but it still works on the same principals. Cover. Blurb. Excerpt.

In the old days, the cover came directly from the book publisher. These days though, it can come from literally anywhere. Covers can be publisher-made, self-made, purchased from a third party, re-used, tweaked or even 3D. We are so all over the place with the new shiny aspects of covers that sometimes, it’s good to stop for a minute and take a breather. Inhale. Exhale, and look.


NGBT Large Ebook Old Cover


What I saw when I looked was this: the original cover for No Glass Between Them, a lesbian erotica story, had to go. Yes, I’d hobbled it together myself and with the help of friends. It had freshness and suited the story well, but … it was just lacking …something. It needed more …panache. In the interest of attracting more readers and urging them to take step #2 and read the blurb, I decided to get a new cover.


I shopped and I browed and I looked and of course, I’m always a day late buying a cover. Oh, yeah. It’s always “it just sold, sorry,” that I hear. I hesitate too long – I’m a Libra!! – and then the perfect one is gone. *sobs* Happens ALL THE TIME. But this time, I had a backup in the form of one super good graphic artist who helped make the new cover possible. Here it is:


Eva New Cover
Isn’t it delish? So much better than the old one, I think. And yes, the story IS about a stripper! This new cover fits the story and looks a bit more professional, yes? Do you agree? It is more pleasing to the eye, and would entice buyers to linger longer, no? But wait. There’s more.


After getting this hot new cover, I decided to go one more step. To make the story just as great as the cover. Keep in mind I first published the book in 2013, which meant I likely wrote it in 2012. It’s now 2015. My writing has changed. I’ve learned and grown (at least I like to THINK that’s the case! LOL). It was time to add the missing pieces to make the full buying experience better all the way around.


So that in the end…it’s not just about the cover after all!


Look for the new cover and book to hit virtual stores the end of March.




Book Blurb:
NoGlass Between Them (Sturdy Accountant series book #1)

Alyce visits Club Paradise every Friday night and watches her dream woman dance. The dark-haired beauty Contessa fuels her fantasies, but Alyce knows they’ll never meet in person. When a mysterious note requests her presence at a hotel, she’s shocked to find she’s come face-to-face with Contessa. With the glass between them no more, will Alyce give in to the temptation to make her dream a reality?

Warning: Contains *hot* butch-on-femme lovin’ and some smexy stripper dancing, may fog mirrors.

***Giveaway: I will make you a brand new copy of No Glass Between Them in any file format you’d like. Be the first – the only one – in the universe to have it! Comment to enter. Contest ends 3/22 at 11:59PM EDT. ***

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20 thoughts on “Does a cover make all the difference? by Eva Lefoy

  1. it’s interesting how many fellow authors are so secretly good a graphics. Do you know, fellow author Tara Quan made cover #2. Yep. And get this – the new cover for Dirty Little Lies – which you can see here – was made by Lisa Nichols on Fiverr. She’s an author too. Authors unite!!

  2. Reblogged this on Eva Lefoy and commented:
    Is the cover the only important thing? Well…. maybe! Let me know after you see the difference!

  3. I like the top one with the brown colors. It’s warm, and it has a more emotional impact. The other is done in cool colors, and is more of a sexual image. If you’re showing that the character is deeper than what she does for a living and/or she likes her job, I’d go with #1. If she changes and leaves the business or doesn’t connect with it — it’s just a job to her — go with #2. I like your “may fog mirrors” warning. LOL

  4. Hey Eva! I like the new cover. Good job!

  5. #2 definitely grabs your attention for an erotic book and shows it is about strippers. #1 is still okay as it is laid back. Neither one of the covers indicates that this is a lesbian or erotic story. The covers could be for a hetero rom com. But #2 does grab your attention and makes you want to explore more about what could be inside the book.

    • I know it’s confusing that not all lesbian covers nor all gay covers for that matter, have two people on the front. It’s darn near impossible to find nice pics of butch women. So I went with the easier route 🙂

  6. The second cover defiantly says stripper and is more erotic. more in keeping with the story.

    • I always identified the first cover more with the character but had to give that up for a better over all look IMO sometimes it’s hard to give up a cover!

  7. Both covers give you a different feel. It would depend on which mood you wanted to set. I personally like cover #1 because it is lighter and easier to see. I don’t like dark covers and they don’t show up well on black and white ereaders. Also, cover #2 is like many ebook covers out there for erotic romance/erotica. I give kudos to people who dare to be different. It makes their covers stand out, in my opinion.

  8. The new cover is more erotic. I like the model dancing on the pole. It goes better with your story.

  9. I totally agree! While at the pharmacy today I looked at Johanna Lindsey’s latest and the cover made it look so awesome!

  10. and cover styles change over the years too. In a couple years this will probably need a total redo!

  11. I love the new cover. 🙂

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments!

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