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Resisting Cupid by Chanta Rand


You may have noticed this time of year we are bombarded with commercials for diamond jewelry, flowers, and perfume. Of course, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and retailers are trying to capitalize on audiences using every method possible. But lately, in addition to the typical “love” products, I’ve been seeing some other types of promotion: Online dating sites. Well, it makes perfect sense. Don’t wait for someone to buy you a Valentine’s Day present—go online and get yourself a significant other.

In this day and age of drive-thrus and microwaves, who has time to find love the traditional way? We want instant gratification. Online dating provides a global pool of candidates to choose from. We don’t have to write to pen pals and wait weeks for a reply. In the span of an hour, you can create a profile, upload your most flattering picture, and wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right to show up in your inbox.

So what do you think? Is online dating for you? Have you met anyone online? Have you married anyone you met online? I’m curious to know if the hype is all it’s cracked up to be. When you leave a comment you’ll be automatically entered to win a free copy of my eBook, Resisting Cupid, an Interracial erotic novella. What happens when a cynic and a romantic bump pelvises? Combustion like you’ve never seen!

Book Blurb:

Resisting Cupid

Kendra Michaels thinks Valentine’s Day is a sham of a holiday designed to make single women feel guilty about not having a man on February 14th. She feels her life is complete, working at her dream job at a travel agency. She’s independent, happy, and successful. Why on earth would she need a Valentine to spoil everything?

Mark Sullivan is Kendra’s boss. He’s been attracted to her for years, but never made a move because of her “no mixing business with pleasure” rule. With the agency in financial trouble, he has six weeks to come up with a Valentine’s Day strategy to increase sales and keep the agency from closing permanently. He immediately knows what he wants to do and who he wants to work closely with. His plan includes a trip to the Maldive Islands to show Kendra the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. The only question is will she open her eyes? Or will she be too busy resisting cupid?

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**Giveaway: Free ebook of Resisting Destiny. Comment to enter. Contest ends 2/15 at 11:59PM EDT.**


Author Bio:

Chanta Jefferson Rand is an Emma award-winning, Debut Author of the Year, and a multi-published author of contemporary and historical romances. The former host of The Chanta Rand Show, and an avid reader of all romance genres, she stepped onto the scene in 2010 with her first published historical romance, Pharaoh’s Desire. Chanta is a history junkie, a Walking Dead fan, and a recovering shoe addict. She never met a stiletto she didn’t like! If you still want more, check her out at

Remember: You can’t expect any sizzle…if you don’t turn up the heat!

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12 thoughts on “Resisting Cupid by Chanta Rand

  1. I’ve never met anyone online but my good friend is dating a man she met online. They have been together for two years and its going well. He lives in Boston and she lives in South Carolina. Its working for them right now.

    • Thanks for participating, DaKia. I’ve had two friends who meet their husbands on line. One went to a dating site and met hers. The other was in a chat room and a strange guy privately messaged her to tell her that he liked her online handle (it was Goldilocks). Well, they arranged to meet and the rest is history. They’ve been married for 8 years!

  2. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Chanta!

  3. I have not done the online dating thing – met my sweetheart in high school and so I never needed to.. However my dad did and that is how he met his girlfriend, it was hard for him to date after his divorce but I think online dating is good for those that can’t seem to find the right one for them or dont know where to look to find someone.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Kelly. I think online dating has really worked out well for a lot of older daters. They can go to one site to find someone who shares their common interests. When I was on vacation last year, I met an 85-year old man who found his high school sweetheart on Facebook after 60 years of being apart! It was awesome how technology worked for him.

  4. I LOVE your work Chanta and I wish you more readers who LOVE your books as well! ❤

  5. Just want to let you know I love your books and I enjoy reading them.

    • Hi Linda. Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my work. I’ve had such a fantastic response to the Sullivan men, I wish there were more brothers to write about. Thanks for the luv and support!

  6. This is an awesome authors. Meet her about two years ago in TX and read all of books so far.

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