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Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes



My geek seems to be fading away. Someone send help! I can count on one finger how many times I’ve sat down to game in the past two months. And excited as I was about Dragon Age: Inquisition? My daughter is the only one who has played it. TV? Meh. Movies? Double Meh. Can someone help? Quick! Tell me about all your great geekness lately!!

2 thoughts on “Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes

  1. Sara, I’m sorta in the same spot — I feel like I’m spinning in the same rut. The majority of my geekiness comes secondhand via my hubby & kids, as I often see/hear TV stuff while I’m working on my laptop. The geekiness in our house lately has been: GALAVANT. Too funny with bursting into song, snarkiness, etc… TBS’ “King of the Nerds” just kicked off over the weekend, too (I noticed it sitting on our DVR.) Me personally? Waiting for the kids to earn the privilege of breaking into their LOOT CRATE. This month was “REWIND” theme is and supposed to have some vintage Star Wars stuff. Can’t wait to see!!

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