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An Angel’s Temptation by Ishabelle Torry


Sins of an Angel is most definitely my favorite story so far. I wrote and wrote daily, lying awake at night just thinking of my dear angel, Nayla, and her next move. However, as Nayla and Grant’s relationship began to develop, I found myself in a pickle. A conundrum that kept me from writing for over a week! It had finally happened—I had to decide where exactly as an author, I drew the line in regards to sex. I mean, my beautiful, innocent angel isn’t just any ordinary heroine with a kinky side. She’s an unearthly being…one of Heaven’s most cherished prizes! How was I supposed to maintain her innocence and allow her to be…well, tempted?

Now of course, I could have chosen not to. But Grant’s character said “Um, no.” He needed a female to tempt him…to be tempted…to explore the world he’d locked himself away from for so long with. THEY needed a physical bond of sorts.

Let the Seven Deadly Sins begin!

Are you tempted now?

Book Blurb:

 Sins of an Angel_140x210

Seven Deadly Sins… One tempted angel…

As an Angel of Mercy, Nayla’s duty is to collect the souls of the mortals who’ve given up on life and return them to the Guff for rebirth. But her loyalty to duty is challenged when she’s sent to destroy the essence of Grant Farris. Calling upon the Archangel Michael, she begs for leniency. After all, how can one be happy when all one has known is pain?

Grant has no idea that his eternal soul is facing total annihilation. As far as he’s concerned, this life can go straight to hell…which is exactly what Lucifer intends. But when the angel Nayla interferes and is granted mortality to aid in Grant’s redemption, Lucifer realizes an even better opportunity. He could have his very own Angel of Mercy!

Can Nayla save Grant’s soul without losing her own to temptation?


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One lucky commenter will win an e-book copy of Sins of an Angel. Contest ends 12/11 at 11:59PM EST.
Author Bio:

 Ishabelle Torry Author Pic

At the age of fourteen, Ishabelle Torry stole her first romance novel, Warrior’s Lady by Madeline Baker, from her mother’s glass “no-no” cabinet. It was then Ishabelle fell in love with the idea of new worlds, love conquers all, and the ability to forget the real world as she took on the lives of characters that were just as real as the people she interacted with every day. It wasn’t long before her fixation with romance novels landed her in the high school office to collect the books confiscated during the previous week. Ishabelle swore one day she’d write the kind of book that would keep readers so enthralled, they’d too risk confiscation to keep turning the pages!


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3 thoughts on “An Angel’s Temptation by Ishabelle Torry

  1. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Ishabelle!

  2. Sound like a great book!

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