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The Making of Blood Bond by Lisa Casian


Blood Bond was written during NaNo 2013. It was my first experience with joining the writing frenzy world of NaNo and I really enjoyed i

After Bloodrose (book one) I knew I wanted to explore Cassian’s character a bit deeper. Cassian and Bowen are twin vampires. Whereas Bowen is referred to as the lightbringer, Cassian is Shade. After his love died, he turned to the goddess of chaos and became her vessel. But Cassian could never truly become evil. Cassian’s one downfall is that he quickly reacts with his heart, and that is why he continues to be wrapped in darkness. His journey was partly inspired by Kratos, an anti-hero in the God of War series. Unfortunately, I foresee much more darkness in Cassian’s future and his fate is tied with his brother, Bowen.

Though filled with romance, action, and myth, I wanted the story to be about the brothers. Family bond always inspires me. It lets me hold on to hope. And although I love writing about the anti-hero and dark characters making impossible choices, living through impossible situations, the blood bond between brothers anchors the story.

Another character I fell in love with was Colin Basset. In book one Colin reminded me of Ichabod Crane from Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. Okay, I watch way too much TV. But Colin started out as this chivalrous romantic in love with Bowen’s love interest. This book sees him as a very changed man, holding on to his humanity. He and Cassian form a connection on a visceral level. The dynamic between Bowen, Cassian, and Colin is…interesting. Add a few other characters of the female variety and all hell breaks loose.

I was so glad that the story came together during NaNo last year and it’s fitting that it will be released in November.


Book Blurb:


When Bowen pleads for Cassian’s help in saving his beloved from Eris, Cassian must fulfill his duty as Shade and lead the shadow army, risking more than just his soul.

Centuries ago, Cassian formed a bond with the goddess of chaos and stripped all that made him human, releasing the evil inside him. He became a Shade, leader of the shadow army. But Cassian could never allow the evil to fully entrench his heart.

Anna is running away from her life and her father. Switching places with her maid, she accepts a job as a healer, unaware that the job would require much more—her body and her heart. She gives both willingly to Cassian.

When Bowen pleads for Cassian’s help in saving his own beloved from Eris, Cassian must fulfill his duty as a Shade and submit to Eris in order to save her. But it requires releasing Nyx out of Hades, along with a shadow army to rule over the humans. And with Anna’s life at stake, Cassian has much more to lose than just his soul.

Only working together with his brother will allow them to save those they love and, hopefully, the world. If they don’t kill each other first.

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**Giveaway: One lucky commenter will win an e-book copy of Blood Bond. Contest ends. 11/9 at 11:59PM EDT. **


Author Bio: Lisa Casian is the author of Bloodrose and the sequel Blood Bond, published by Breathless Press. Lisa completed a BA degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice at Northeastern Illinois University, and works in the community strengthening families. She spends her spare time reading and writing great romance with tough heroines and bad-boy heroes.


Lisa resides in Chicago with her family, a household of kids, and the bliss of chaos.


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