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Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes


There is a show on that EVERYONE seems to be watching. I see comments about it enough the night that it airs. My timelines on both FB and Twitter fill with “OMG!” and “EWWWWWW.” and all kinds of variations. Most of the time, the posts amuse me. I love to see people so passionate about something they’re fully invested in.

To be honest, I own the first season of the show and have watched the first few episodes. Did they interest me? Yes, the concept was simple but original enough to keep me watching. Was I invested? That’s where the real question comes in. I liked the show. I like the characters. But I watched the episodes a few years ago and I haven’t had a burning desire to continue. At this point, I’m several seasons behind, so it would take a bit to catch up. I have other shows that I am more vested in that I would put first. But it does make me wonder what I’m missing.

Have you ever had an instance where everyone else appears to be watching a show you’re either marginally invested in or have no interest whatsoever and wonder what the heck it is that didn’t strike you the same?

BTW, the show I’m talking about?



2 thoughts on “Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes

  1. As a blogger who features a lot of MC Romances, I have to admit — I’ve never watched SONS OF ANARCHY. And quite frankly, I don’t understand WHY it is such a big thing… because I think that if people want to see crap happening in the world, all they need to do is look out their front doors or watch the evening news :(. My household is Geek Central, and the one that they are constantly watching is Dr. Who. Me? I always just wonder who the hell CARES. LOL! I wonder if the writers regenerate at the same time the Doctors do, because this season seems to be even weirder than before…

    Snarky Mom Michelle

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