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Damian Carter – The Mystery of Some Mistakes by Matthew J. Metzger


There’s a point – when you meet someone new – that you might well be attracted to them, but you know nothing about them.

Some Mistakes is about identity, about who people really are under the show and the swagger, about the essence of them beyond their names. It’s about who Craig Dale is since his life was destroyed, and it’s a story very much about him.

Not so much Damian.

A little run-down for you. Some Mistakes tells of the no-strings-attached affair between civil servant Craig and barista Damian against the backdrop of Craig’s carefully-constructed new life unravelling at the seams. Craig is very much an invention: a mistake destroyed his life ten years ago, and he has made himself into a new person to distance himself from it. The book is as much about Craig discovering himself as it is about him discovering Damian.

Thing is…in the book, anyway, there’s not all that much really known about Damian.

Usually, I write characters and I know infinitely more detail than ever makes it into the books. But Damian Carter was a mystery to me when I started writing Some Mistakes. And he kind of still is. So here, I’m going to pin him down a little bit and find out – as well as tell you guys – some things about him that never made it into the book.

Damian is slim, very blond, and very clever – all of that is obvious in the book. But he’s also soft, which isn’t. Underneath, Damian’s a bit of a sweetheart. He’s got his sparkle on –

“Oh, whatever you want to call it, love. On the house,” Damian adds, waving off Craig’s wallet. “Hope you feel better soon, okay, sweetie?”

– in the coffee shop where he works, but every other time you see him, there’s an edge –

“You don’t fucking gag me,” Damian snaps.

 – that you just don’t get past. You can guess, but you don’t see. And it is there. While Craig is all about sex and lust, Damian isn’t quite as free-and-easy as he appears. Damian loves, and it wasn’t something I knew about him until the very end.

“I was engaged once.”


“Mm,” Damian says. “He was called Ben. He was gorgeous, great in bed, cock like a…”

“I get it.”

 On the surface, Damian is all about sex, emotional freedom, and snide remarks about people he doesn’t particularly like. But there’s a history to him that sheds a little more light – his ambivalence towards his vaguely homophobic stepfather, his distance from his mother, his previous engagement and the reason it fell through –

Damian loves. That is his biggest secret, and the facet of him that he hides best from the world, the reader, and Craig.

And maybe he loves from the very beginning.
Book Blurb:


Craig’s life is defined by ugly mistakes. This ‘arrangement’ with sex-mad Damian is another – but maybe some mistakes aren’t so bad after all…

Craig is not good at commitment. Relationships are to be avoided at all costs—but when Damian and their evolving coffee-order code fail to elicit anything more serious than Damian’s last name, Craig begins to think that this is not a mistake at all, but an opportunity for guilt-free fun, without the prospect of breaking any hearts. Craig cannot afford to be found out, but it looks like Damian isn’t interested in asking the right questions.

Then his mother dies. The mistake that ruined Craig’s life in the first place is dragged kicking and screaming out of the past—and this casual arrangement with Damian begins to show its true colours.

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***Giveaway: One lucky commenter will win an ebook copy of Some Mistakes. Contest ends 9/7 at 11:59PM EDT.***


Author Bio:

Matthew J . Metzger is the front for a 24-year-old British author living and working near Bristol in the south-west of England. Matthew is semi-real, semi-invented, and entirely mad. When not writing or analysing vast amounts of numerical data in his day job, Matthew is probably asleep. Effectively working two jobs leaves very little time for anything else!

Matthew is primarily a young adult and romance author, writing in the LGBT fiction genre and intending – although never quite managing – to branch out into steampunk and science fiction one day…in a galaxy far, far away…
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6 thoughts on “Damian Carter – The Mystery of Some Mistakes by Matthew J. Metzger

  1. Thanks for hanging out with us today, Matthew!

  2. I love Matt’s writing. I love Matt’s books. I’m crazy about Matt, too, because he’s a demented, silly person who honestly cares about people (despite his smart-ass demeanor). I love his characters, and I know I’m going to love Damian and Craig, too.

    See, while Matt writes LGBT fiction, he writes stories about people, and does it in such a way they are living, breathing, and often far-too human people. I enjoy being engaged by Matt’s writing, because not only do I feel I KNOW his characters, if I look hard enough I also find a slice of myself, as well.

    Pretty remarkable talents to elicit that response from an old married lady with grandkids!


  3. This sounds like an awesome book. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, and for the giveaway too. 😀

  4. I love that your characters don’t always take full form for you out of the gate, because I can so relate to that. Also, it’s good to read characters that are complex, that aren’t obvious in everything that they are. Excited about this one! ❤

  5. Thank you for the chance!!!

  6. The book sounds really good please count me in for the Giveaway ……………..thank you.


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