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Every Kiss Begins with Lust by Chanta Rand


I used to think Valentine’s Day should be renamed Guilt Day or Suckers Day, or something like that. What other day makes women feel social inadequate if they don’t have a lover, boyfriend, husband, or some unassuming guy ready to profess their undying love and devotion with fattening chocolates, overpriced roses, or better yet, the much-coveted sparkling diamond?

I’ve even grown to hate the slogan, “Every Kiss Begins with Kay.” I think every kiss begins with lust, but that’s just me. Diamonds are so overrated. I’ll take a pretty chunk of Sleeping Beauty turquoise any day.

My husband is both relieved and amused by my attitude. One day, he suggested I write a book about a character who feels the same way as I do. Let me tell you, my husband is not known for coming up with great ideas. His last one was to superglue the door handle of our eleven-year old Corolla when it broke. I’ll tell you, they don’t make that superglue like they used to. Every month, the handle breaks again, and we have to re-glue it. At this point, it might be cheaper to buy a new Corolla!

Nonetheless, I took my husband’s advice. I started writing a book about two best friends who hated Valentine’s Day so much they had annual dinner for just the two of them to celebrate the fact that they didn’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They were single, independent women who didn’t need a man to validate them on Valentine’s Day. Make sense? It did to me. Yet, the more I wrote, the more convinced I became this was a crappy idea. Many of you readers may not know, but every author has a moment when we think our idea might be crappy. Gasp! Yes, it true. If only we’d figured this out before we’d written half the freakin’ book.

At any rate, I decided to have one of the friends fortuitously meet a guy on the same day the dinner was scheduled. Then, of course, she would cancel the dinner, fall in love with the guy, and the other friend would be pissed. Are you yawning too? Yeah, that sounded kinda boring. Besides, there’s enough ‘Besties before Testies’ books out there. Then, I decided the friend who meets the guy doesn’t show up for dinner because she’s been murdered! Afterward, the other friend falls in love with the detective investigating the case. I know what you’re thinking–I’d been watching way too many episodes of ‘Law & Order’ when I dreamed that one up.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. I was busy with this thing I have called A Life.  So, I continued writing and publishing other books. It took me an entire year to come back to my Valentine’s Day story. Then, one day, it just happened. I had the idea to write a novella about a guy named Mark Valentine, who wants to show his cynical co-worker, Kendra the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. After some tweaking, I changed Mark’s last name to Sullivan (Yeah, Valentine was too corny for me too), gave him the role of her boss instead of her co-worker, and dropped them into the breathtaking Maldive Islands for some fun, fantasy, and fornication. Viola! Resisting Cupid was born.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. Mark has two brothers, Dane and Cayson. These characters came to life in the first book, and I had to give them each their own story. I think all three books are a good mix of personalities. Resisting Cupid features Mark, the hopeless romantic. Resisting Temptation features Dane, the reluctant widower. Resisting Destiny, features the youngest Sullivan brother, Cayson, the player, and confirmed bachelor.

If you like erotica, I think you’ll enjoy reading about the Sullivan Brothers. Who knows? Reading about them might just change your mind about Valentine’s Day too.

Resisting Destiny Final

Book Blurb:

Cayson Sullivan thinks women are good for two things: Lovin’ and Leavin’. As the youngest attorney at one of St. Louis’s premier law firms, he plays to win both in and out of court.

Destiny Jackson has seen hard times all of her life. She’s survived by using her wits and her sexuality.

Thrown together by a spiteful judge, Cayson is appointed Destiny’s guardian for ninety days. Taking care of her proves no easy task, especially since she comes with a cast of characters that continually push his buttons.

The two soon find that despite their backgrounds being as different as night and day, their attraction to each other is the one thing they can agree upon. Can a week in the Maldive Islands convince Cayson that he’s finally met his match? Or will he be too busy Resisting Destiny?

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Author Bio:
Chanta Jefferson Rand is an Emma award-winning, Debut Author of the Year, and a multi-published author of contemporary and historical romances. The former host of The Chanta Rand Show, and an avid reader of all romance genres, she stepped onto the scene in 2010 with her first published historical romance, Pharaoh’s Desire.

Chanta is a history junkie, a Walking Dead fan, and a recovering shoe addict. She never met a stiletto she didn’t like! If you still want more, check her out at
Remember: You can’t expect any sizzle…if you don’t turn up the heat!
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10 thoughts on “Every Kiss Begins with Lust by Chanta Rand

  1. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Chanta!

  2. It sounds like a sexy fun book.

    • Thanks Laurella. I had a blast writing all of the books in the series. Like I said, each brother offers something for everyone. And all the books all filled with humor and steamy sex.

  3. Oh wow and I just found out its part of a series well guess I’ll get the first two books lol

  4. This sounds like an awesome book. Thank you for the giveaway. If I win I will be a gracious winner. lol

  5. I have been a fan for some time now. Great know the background behind the series.

    • Hi Keya! Thank you for begin a fan and thanks for stopping by. Now you know what warped thinking takes place inside my crazy mind. LOL!

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