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Into the Writing of The Spanish Billionaire’s Baby Promise by Sheritha Singh


Spanish Billionare’s are the epitome of sexy in my world. Maybe it has something to do with reading too many romance novels about fiery tempered heroes with hearts of gold and whose word means more than their life. I wrote the first draft of this story in 2007. The initial 1000 word short was selected as a finalist in a writing contest – I made the final twenty. I loved Rio’s and Rosa’s story and knew that I would one day figure out a way to share their romantic journey with readers. My publisher, Breathless Press, recently launched thier Flirt line – romance shorts up to 10k words in length. I didn’t need a second invitation to submit. Over the years I worked with various angles to Rio’s and Rosa’s story. The Baby Promise hooked me the most. I particularly liked their childhood romance and the daydreams they shared while they were young and penniless especially Rio’s promise to be the father of Rosa’s kids. The story took three rewrites before my editor finally said Yes. I’m glad I persisted and I am equally thrilled that readers will soon be able to read this amazing, old fashioned romance.


Writing about a main character with amnesia was a challenge though. Lucky my awesome editor gave me good tips on hot to accurately portray Dio’s fading amnesia and recurring, fuzzy memories. Rosa hasn’t forgotten Rio’s promise to father her children but a devastating car crash has robbed Rio of his memories and he has no idea Rosa is in fact his childhood sweetheart.

Book Blurb:The Spanish Billionaire's Baby Promise 200x300

Rosa deceives her childhood sweetheart Rio into allowing her to spend a night with him so that she can seduce him and fall pregnant with his baby. Her plan seems fine on paper. However Rosa hasn’t counted on her long dormant emotions getting in the way. Once she’s in Rio’s company memories if the love they’d once shared haunts her – only Rio doesn’t recall a thing. The closer Rosa gets to Rio, the harder she finds it to trick him into fathering her baby.

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Author Bio:

Sheritha is thirty-something South African writer. She lives on the Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast a where winter is almost non – existent. She has been writing since the age of twelve and often spaced out during Math and biology while dreaming up new plots for her many romance novels. Sheritha shares her home with her family and two canines.

Her publishing credits include:

Cherish – Lycaon Press

Witch Apprentice – Crimson Volume 2 Anthology short story – writing as Lace Higgins.

Moving In Book #1 in the Moving Series – writing as Sheritha Singh available at


Social Media Links:









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