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3 Things About Edie Hart That You Probably Don’t Know by Edie Hart


I had the hardest time coming up with something for this blog. I know it’s supposed to be easy – I’m a writer right? But I still found it hard. I sit here and tell you that my name is Edie Hart, I write romance novels, I’ve been married 15 years, have 2 children, 3 cats and a dog; however, if someone were to come up to you in a week or so and say, “Do you know Edie Hart?” would you really remember that? I wanted to tell you something more interesting. Something that you will remember. Something a little gossipie.

My goal today is to tell you 3 things about me that you probably don’t know.

The first thing is that I have to admit that I’m really clumsy. I’m constantly knocking things down and bumping into things. The thing that I have the most trouble with is drinks. I’m constantly spilling water down the front of me or dumping my milk on the floor. No matter how careful I try to be, I always seem to make a mess with whatever I’m drinking.

My second thing is that I have a sarcastic – maybe a bit strange – sense of humor. My husband is a cop and he works different shifts. One time when my kids were really little, I accidentally fell asleep – sitting up mind you – while my son was playing and watching cartoons. My daughter had just been born – she was sleeping – and I was exhausted. While I was sleeping, my son, who was 3 at the time, scooted a stool in our kitchen over to the counter so he could reach the powder sugar donuts. Now normally when a child sees you sleeping they take that opportunity to not let you sleep. But in this case, he was extremely quiet while sneaking the donuts.

When I woke up I realized what had happened – he had a powdered sugar ring around his mouth, the stool was moved and the donuts were gone. When my husband found out, he was a little upset. He didn’t understand how I could possibly fall asleep like that. Well, I have to admit that my feelings were hurt a bit, so later that day when I took the kids to the grocery store, I left my husband a note.

It said—

Dear Hubby, I’m out bar hopping. Sorry I missed you.

I would have been home sooner, but I had to wait for the kids to get back from the gas station with my beer and cigarettes.

Don’t worry about the kids. I will leave the car windows cracked for them while I’m in the bar getting drunk and making out with random strangers.

Don’t wait up, we’ll probably be late.

Keep your hands off my crack pipe and stay away from my heroin while I’m gone.

Love, Edie.

So, yeah, that’s my strange sarcastic sense of humor. The really funny thing about this whole falling asleep deal is that the following weekend, my husband fell asleep while watching the kids.

The third and final thing I’d like to tell you is that I like to play little tricks on my husband. Some might call them cruel, but he’s a good sport and I’m still married, so they can’t be that cruel.

One of the best tricks that I played on my husband involved Jessica. Jessica Simpson is what I like to call her. Jessica is an old leftover mask from one Halloween. It’s a crabby-looking old woman with long white hair. I love to scare my husband with Jessica… I put her in our bed, hang her on the backs of doors… I’m sure you get the idea.

One day before I left for work, I got this great idea. I stuffed Jessica in a body pillow, threw an old bathrobe on her and propped her in a kitchen chair. To make my prank even better, I put a glass of water in front of her and left the TV on. Wellll, my husband is a cop and he decided to come home for lunch that day. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to see it, but Jessica scared him so bad that he said he almost shot her with his gun.

So now I’ve told you 3 things about me that you might not know. The next time someone says “Do you know anything about Edie Hart?” You can say, “Yes. Did you know that she… 1. Has a drinking problem 2. Leaves her kids in the car while she bar hops, And 3. Her husband almost shot Jessica Simpson in their kitchen.


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Author Bio: Edie Hart was born in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. She still resides there with her husband, two children, dog, and three cats.

She has been making up stories in her head her entire life and has finally decided to put them in print.

Edie is a true romantic at heart and believes that everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally—including the stubborn alpha heroes she writes about.

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3 thoughts on “3 Things About Edie Hart That You Probably Don’t Know by Edie Hart

  1. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Edie!

  2. One thing I definitely know about you is you’re my kind of woman. Funny, willing to go for the humor more then taking yourself seriously, and loving life itself. Best to you, Edie Hart with love from Charmaine Gordon who dances down the aisle at Shop Rite and smiles a lot.

  3. Interesting facts

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