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Finding the Sin Pointe Heroes in the Most Extraordinary Places by Carlene Love Flores


It was a very special Meet N Greet at the Nissan Pavilion (now Jiffy Lube Live) that inspired my current romance series, The Sin Pointe Novels. It’s been about seven years now, but I still remember the little things like the galaxy of cables covering the stage floor, the smell of lasagna filling the back stage hallways and the indescribable feeling of having my musical idol’s fingers hooking around my hip while we posed for our picture. I don’t even have a word for what it felt like standing in their dressing room with the clothes trunks open and the black leather hanging about. At the time I was meeting and greeting my favorite band of all time, Depeche Mode, I had no idea that I would soon become a romance author. Fresh from that incredible experience, I simply thought about those little details, trying never to lose them, never to take them for granted. I was determined to grow and take the magic of that night into everything I did from that day forward. I vowed to live by the words that Nothing Is Impossible.

A short while after that, I had a year that challenged me in incredibly different ways. With my husband deployed at war and unable to come home, my dad was killed and my grandpa committed suicide within a few months of each other. I struggled with whether to even tell hubby about it all because I didn’t want him distracted from his mission. I also feared dealing with everything on a personal level because I couldn’t be overwhelmed and still be a functioning, attentive mom to my young son.

My best solution ended up being to seal all those emotions in a hypothetical box, stick it up on the highest shelf in my closet and deal with it later.

Once hubby returned safely and we were able to mourn the losses of our loved ones together, “later” finally came.

Music, heroes, finding your breath on the open road, heartbreak we bring on ourselves and heartache that wallops us from out of nowhere, crushing regret…

Possibilities, Impossibilities…

I thought about all those things until one day in a brand new place in Northern Virginia with Army boxes waiting to be unpacked, I wrote a poem about a girl. She reminded me of a flower who’d fought its way up through the cracks in a sidewalk. That poem became the first Sin Pointe novel, Sidewalk Flower. Next I wrote about her best friend, a man she’d left behind in order to find her happily ever after. He needed a way out of the darkness too. His story became book two, Sin’s Flower. These last few months, after cataloguing several visits to my favorite local music spot, Jammin’ Java, I found a member of the Sin Pointe family who is a smile waiting to happen to your face. His story is book three, Sin’s Haven, where the characters live and breathe in the vibe-rich yet totally down to earth café and club that Jammin’ Java inspired for me. And to say thank you to the readers, the fourth book, Touch of Sin, is and always will be a free read.

Seven years later, I still believe that nothing is impossible. I still enjoy meeting and greeting people, watching them and learning from them. I’m equally smitten to just lurk in the dark while the music plays and see that change come to a face while they get lost in the sound. And I am incredibly thankful for each up and down. Writing has given me balance because I get to share all those boxed up feelings with you all who have unknowingly helped me not feel like it’s my load to carry alone. The best part is that so many of you have touched my life and may not even know it. Many thanks, because I know it.

Touch of Sin (A Sin Pointe Novel, #4, Free Read) 


Lonerby guitarist Luke Willoughby and his band are under tight scrutiny since a press conference was ruined by a band member’s sudden vomiting attack. They’ve been suspended from the Sin Pointe tour and Luke fears they’ve blown it for good. The last thing he expects is the cute management spy sent to observe him.

No-nonsense Sarrie Walker knows exactly what she’s there to do, and makes no secret of it. Luke is impressed—and powerfully attracted to Sarrie’s strong and sexy innocence. When they end up stuck together in close quarters, Sarrie becomes dangerously irresistible—and very much off-limits. Does she hold Luke’s second chance? And if he gives in to her powerful allure, what happens to his heart? 

*Download for free at Evernight Publishing *

**Giveaway: I’m thrilled to be giving away one winner’s choice of any of my Sin Pointe novels. So leave me a comment for a chance to win. I love talking any and everything about music. Have you met a favorite band? Got a killer playlist you’d love to share? Going to any cool concerts this summer? Let’s chat…  Comment to enter. Contest ends 7/17 at 11:59PM EDT.**

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8 thoughts on “Finding the Sin Pointe Heroes in the Most Extraordinary Places by Carlene Love Flores

  1. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Carlene!

    • Hi Lisa! It’s my absolute pleasure. Thank you for having me. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m waving to you today from yet another new place! Retired from the army, we’re back home in San Diego, California. 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

  2. Yes! I wasn’t able to get tickets this year but they always have a free, outdoor stage for folks who couldn’t get badges. The last time I went we saw the casts of Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Revolution and Shameless on the free stage. Very cool. If you’re ever out here, it’s one of those bucket list experiences for sure. 🙂

  3. Hi! I haven’t met a favorite band but I love Hall n Oates! Does that totally date me? Oh well. I’m old. But I totally dig Korn too! Ha

  4. Oh my goodness! If your story is half as eloquent and enticing as your post, I am so in. It sounds interesting. I enjoy a good love story and the fact that it involves music makes it even better. I can’t wait to read it.

    • Tsanya, I am so very touched. If you do get the chance to read the story, I hope it brings you joy as it did to me when writing it. Have a wonderful summer and cheers to music as well!

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