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Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes


In my first post for Get Your Geek On I talked about my obsession with the show Vikings. Don’t worry, that hasn’t changed. But I’ve added a new show to the obsession queue. Teen Wolf. I’ll admit, I’m old enough to say I saw the movie with Micheal J Fox (one of my teenage crushes) way back in the day. In the theater. So I had to overcome my bias when I decided to watch episode 1 of season 1. I was fully prepared to walk away from that episode thinking I’d keep my Micheal J Fox loving crush movie from 1985.


Boy, was I wrong. What I got was a tightly plotted urban fantasy show that know how to kick some serious ass. And this coming from someone who has pretty much given up on nearly all the paranormal/urban fantasy shows out there ’cause they’ve overrun TC lately. Part 2 of season 3 was by far the best yet (I just finished watching it the other day, and Season 4 just started airing on Mondays). They gave a character who has been the comedic sidekick to this point some real meat and wow. Did he deliver. I’m excited to see where they take the story this year, though I’ve already heard some rumblings about Monday night’s episode (I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet) and I already have mixed feelings. But that’s the great thing about the show for me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes

  1. Kiddo and I have debated starting this show…I too thought — based off the movie. NOTHING can compare to the movie. And overlooked it. Darn! Lots to catch up on. Will have to see how I can access past seasons.

  2. I haven’t seen it and after the posts I will check it out.

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