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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places by Maggie Wells


Hello, my lovely lagniappers! Here I am again!

Remember, a long time ago, when I first visited the Literary Lagniappe? No? Well, once upon a time, I blogged a bit about the elusive male—you know, those will-o-the-wisp fellas who are just so darn tough to nail down. The guys so commitment-phobic it takes 200+ pages for our heroine to earn toothbrush space?

Yeah. I’ve never met one either.

It was my contention then (as it is now) that most guys are just as anxious to find love as their female counterparts. I’m so convinced of it, that I wrote an entire story about a guy who has been looking for love in all the wrong places.

Meet Detective Langley Shepard of The Last First Date – just one of the four fabulous novels that comprise the Harlequin-E Contemporary Romance Boxed Set, Volume 2. Here’s a little snippet that addresses Lang’s search for the right woman:9781460336274-COV1


Lang Sheppard was even better looking when he wasn’t shivering in the icy rain trying not to arrest his date for the evening.

He was also a big, fat liar.

Hours crept past as Kirsten and Max sat at two different desks answering questions, and she spent time twiddling her thumbs. She tried making small talk with the female officer he’d corralled into taking her statement, but the poor woman was obviously swamped with work. As was everyone else in the crowded room. And proving he was the ultimate team player, Detective Dreamboat jumped in with both feet.

He sat at a desk up against the wall typing on a computer decorated with a print out of a cereal box with his face emblazoned on the front. Someone had crossed out the brand name and inked ‘DATER’ in heavy black lines. The gist of the joke wasn’t hard to absorb. The guy was definitely good looking enough to be a player.

“I’m guessing the Wheaties box is meant to imply Detective Sheppard is a serial dater.”

Officer Perkins didn’t look up from the paperwork spread across the desk but hummed an affirmation. Jessica spotted the framed photographs nestled beside the monitor. Two grinning, semi-toothless faces beamed back at her, cowlicks standing at full attention, eyes sparkling with mischief. Secure in the assumption that Officer Perkins was a woman accustomed to multi-tasking, she asked the stupid question she couldn’t shake.

“So he dates a lot, huh?”

The other woman snorted, but the enthusiasm in her nod spoke volumes. “I lost count back in February.” She jerked a nod toward the detective at the desk beside Lang’s. “I think Manny has a running tally.”

Disappointment formed a pool in the very pit of her stomach and she dove in. Mantra or not, there were certain parts of her that very much wanted to get involved with him. And she couldn’t just blame her lady bits, either. Her sucker heart fell for the nice guy, knight-errant shtick like a ton of bricks.

Every. Damn. Time.

“Kind of a player, huh?”

Her assessment caught Officer Perkins’ full and undivided attention. She raised her head and slowly shook it. “No, not a player. Lang’s too good a guy to be a player.”


Aww! Is there anything better than a good guy looking for love? The Last First Date is a New Year’s Eve gone wrong story, therefore a ton of fun to write. Be sure to check it out! You can find it as part of the boxed set here or by itself here.

**GIVEAWAY: Maggie will give one lucky commenter a digital copy of the box set! Contest ends 6/12 at 11:59PMEDT. Good Luck!**


Until next time, my lovelies!

Author: emilycale

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14 thoughts on “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places by Maggie Wells

  1. Maggie – thanks for sharing the excerpt from your new release. I agree – I’m such a sucker for the stories where its the guy hopelessly looking for love and never giving up! Not only does your story look great, but so do the others in the bundle. I have to admit that I am a rabid fan of the Harlequin sets! I really loved your calendar series so I can’t wait to get hold of this one 🙂 !!

    • Wow! Thanks so much, SnarkyMom (love the screen name BTW) – I’ve been sickly for the past couple of days but you just made me feel 10000x better!

  2. The best romance stories are when they are both looking for love, both have flaws and save each other

  3. I LOVE THE COVER!!! I can’t wait to get this!! Thanks for hanging out with us, Maggie!

  4. Definitely have to add this one to my ereader. Thank you for the excerpt!

  5. Well’s written, Maggie. And what a delicious concept.

  6. I love the cover. It sound like an awesome read. I love to read stuff by authors new to me. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  7. No need to enter me in the contest. Just wanted to share in the Lang love. I so wish I’d snagged him first! I started this boxed set the other day and I’m absolutely loving it! 🙂

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