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Plotter or Pantser by Kacey Hammell



It’s a question I’ve asked myself a million times since writing my first story! And I’m sure I am not the only writer to question routine, outlines, or the thought process.

With each story it seems that I can do both. Some stories I don’t plan out, just sit down and fly by the seat of my pants and let the characters lead me. Other stories, the longer pieces, I need the outline and long, detailed notes.

However, even when I do the spreadsheet/hand-written notes right down the sparkling eye color of the characters…sometimes even that outline gets tossed. I don’t know what it is – the voices or just my mind fast at work – but there have been times when I’m absolutely certain the direction of the story, then POW…

Like a harsh right upper-cut, the story or an aspect of the characters comes out of nowhere and I feel like I’m scrambling and wondering … WTH!! I take a moment, calm down and let the characters continue to lead, but when finished the story, it’s like I surface from the Twilight Zone of confusion and OMGs, because some things just surprise me.PM_InthePagesDesigns

So I have learned that no matter the long notes for each story, those minute details – many of which will still remain – I’ve accepted that I’m just a vessel for these stories. I write them with a direction in mind but have acquiesced to the fact…I am in control of nothing! LOL The characters/story will move in the direction that it wants to and I can’t impede it in any way. I have to allow everything to fall into place as it should. It’s the best way, the most honest I can be to the process and how the story wants to be told.

I’m not the only writer to experience this…right? *searches the room*




Kacey Hammell

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Quickie Short Story

ISBN # 9781419945007


Releases April 30th at Ellora’s Cave


From zero to sixty … no amount of braking will stop this crash course with love.

Race car driver Lark Stevens agrees to help a close friend prove that paybacks can be a bitch. But what she doesn’t expect is to fall in lust with her mark. Or is he who she thinks he is?

Set on her mission, Lark assumes the mystery man who amps up the heat and pushes her heart into overdrive is her intended target. And once they connect, getting even is the last thing on her mind.

As the heat smolders and revs from zero to sixty in mere seconds, Lark realizes she’s on a crash course with love that no amount of braking will stop.

Inside Scoop:  No holds barred sexual teasing, dances meant to titillate and push you over the edge, and M/F love scenes to get engines revving.

Pre-Order here:
Amazon —
US / Canada / UK



About Kacey:


Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…

Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters.  These days, as a multi-published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes.


A mom of three, Kacey has made certain each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right. She lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada, and is a true romantic at heart.
Connect with Kacey…

Website / Newsletter / Facebook / Facebook Author Page / Twitter / Amazon / Goodreads / Pinterest / Instagram / Triberr



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Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

12 thoughts on “Plotter or Pantser by Kacey Hammell

  1. I can totally relate Kacey. I’ve started using a rough point form outline only. That way, if things get changed along the way, it’s not as drastic for me. I find the more detailed I plan a story, the more it gets changed. But the best twists happen when I just let the story flow.

    Congratulations on your upcoming release! Already pre-ordered. 🙂

    • That’s a great system Jess.
      Usually I’ll do an outline chapter by chapter, and point-forming the details of what happens in each, characters involved and such.
      I’ll write for about half the book, then those pivotal moments fly out the window and very little in the last half of what I’ve written works out the way I originally had it. Can be a tad frustrating 😀 But plotting has it’s benefits too, so I don’t think I’ll ever totally give that up.
      Thanks for pre-ordering! Hope you enjoy!

  2. Thanks for hosting me today!

  3. How fascinating, Kacey! I’m not much of a writer and don’t have real aspirations to become one, but I love reading, and can appreciate how writing is both a combination of hard work and artistry. Thanks for sharing a little of how your stories come to be! Love the premise for Prank Me!

    • Hi Fedora! Always wonderful to see you.
      Writing is a passion that isn’t without its ups and downs. Like anything, as long as a writer is passionate and dedicated to her/his craft, any obstacle can be overcome.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend ahead!

  4. I’ve been a hybrid (part plotter/part pantser) but I’ve learned that the more prep work I do, the easier the book is to write. I now lean more toward plotter.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      I like that word — hybrid — to explain the craziness of being a plotter or a pantser. Makes me sound less crazy *g*

      Enjoy your weekend ahead.

  5. Kacey, I always like to say that I will go anywhere a writer wants to take me (provided it’s well-written), and it’s fun to know that writers are willing to go where their characters take them. I don’t know how people plot things out so well, but there are some books I’ve read where I know they couldn’t just wing it.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Very true, Carolyn. I am often amazed at the intricate details writer’s put into their stories, as well as such in-depth plots, it makes for a much stronger story. And so much more enjoyable and passionate.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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