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The Dream Cast for Sexy Suitors from Space by Paisley Brown


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While writing Sexy Suitors from Space, I always had Chris Hemsworth in mind as my inspiration for Erich, one of the sexy aliens from the story who lives up in Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle. Here’s the description of him from the story:

I stared into his crystal-blue eyes, surprised by the stranger yet again. He’d removed his scarf and hood, revealing Thor-like features. My clit pulsed, alive for the first time in months. The doppelganger of the only superhero who’d ever turned me on stood less than a foot away, holding my upper arms. I’d give anything to run my hands through his wavy blond hair, kiss along the firm jaw covered with golden stubble, nip at his full lips.

And when Heather (the MC) is trying to learn his name, she and Erich joke about Thor and Chris Hemsworth.

We trekked on without another word, but the silence drove me crazy I wanted to know more about the guy, what made him tick, and how to get him in my bed. First things first. “Hey, what’s your name? Thor, maybe?”

He paused and looked back at me, humor in his eyes. “Thor was the name of my father. Though many say I resemble the Thor you Americans watch in movies. But the man who plays him comes from Australia.” He spread his arms out. “He could never handle this much snow.”

I smiled at his deep chuckle. God, I want him. “So, what is your name?”

“Ay-rik.” He bowed, one hand out and the other holding his chest. “Spelled E-R-I-C-H.”

“Erich, I like it. Now I know what to call you in my fantasies.”

As for Erich’s brother Alek, he is literally a darker version of Chris Hemsworth. No, not like Liam or Luke. An exact replica of Chris, but with darker and shorter hair. I’m sure Chris could play two characters in a movie. He wouldn’t be the first actor to do it. Though that might be difficult during the scenes with intercourse. Meet Alek:

A throat cleared behind me.

Spinning around in my chair, I came face-to-groin with a bear, or rather, a large man dressed entirely in black. Curly, dark locks hung across his forehead and black stubble highlighted his hard jawline. But it was his blue eyes that drew my attention. He’s not Erich, but they sure grow them big and sexy around here.

“Ms. Chambers?”

All the women around me cackled as he said my name. “She’s Glenda’s granddaughter,” they whispered. As if that meant something.

I nodded at the man, curiosity shoving away all my dreariness.

“I’m Alek, Erich’s brother.” His voice was even deeper than his brother’s, with a heavier accent. “He asked me to escort you to the sauna when you are finished with your meal.”

As for the main character, Heather, I imagined myself in her position while writing the story. Why not? *wink* But, if I had to pick, I would choose Kate Beckinsale.

Book Blurb 


A vacation to the far North…

Heather is gifted a week away at a resort in the Arctic Circle by her grandmother, a chance to finally move on after finding her fiancé in bed with another woman.

With two Nordic hunks to keep her company…

The two sexy studs make is easy to get over her failed relationship. That is, until they tell her their secret.

Are the two men really extraterrestrials or just a fantasy created by her lonely soul?

Caution: Includes alien probing, anal sex, and a hot MFM ménage.


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Author Bio:

 I’m happily married with a naughty imagination. Sometimes all it takes is a whispered word or a sexy picture to inspire my next tale. My erotica stories may be contemporary, sci-fi, or paranormal, but all of them will leave you wet and panting for more. I also write science fiction romance as Jessica E. Subject.

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6 thoughts on “The Dream Cast for Sexy Suitors from Space by Paisley Brown

  1. Thank you so much for having me today at Literary Lagniappe! XX

  2. This sounds very sexy and interesting. Who doesn’t want to be ravaged by two delicious men and twins makes it even better.

  3. Without question, I would visit those igloos if given the chance.

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