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Behind the Scenes – Unexpected Odessey by Sanya Dane


Thank you to the ladies of Lagniappe for having me over.

Unexpected Odessey is a combination of science fiction, adventure, romance and erotica.  My mind is like an amusement park of ideas and sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on one aspect.

In this book I chose to write a science fiction romance for a couple of reasons.  I wanted to write a book that had a different feel then the serious aspect of my first book, something with action.  I also wanted to tell a story that was out of this world, literally.

It started with a simple scenario.  What do you do if your boyfriend cheats on you?  That idea evolved to include the reaction of a genius introvert who lives to work.  What kind of guy would catch her attention?  What kind of guy would see more than a genius?  All of these questions played in my head but in order to write it I needed the perfect heroine.

There was a book cover I saw and really liked of a girl in a sexy combat suit, in space.  I kept going back to the artist’s site to see if it was there.  I started writing the story and a few chapters in I realized my heroine was the girl on the book cover, so I bought it.

Now that I had my heroine, I needed a hero.  But, I was unsure whether I wanted to put him on the cover.  I knew his physical attributes would be challenging, he had to be blue.  I talked to the cover designer and told her what I was looking for and she gave me some photos.  When she finished with the one I chose, he was just what I was looking for.  I had my hero!

From there the book really wrote itself.  The characters crafted themselves and the story by falling for each other and inspiring adventure.  I may have set the stage but the way it developed was like a flowering vine weaving it way up a trellis.  The interaction between the characters excited me to keep writing, my desire to see the story would go was thrilling.  I had so much fun writing this one that I already know what’s going to happen in the next two books.

I enjoyed writing this book because it also crafted me by helping me grow as an author.  I love when people can read my books and imagine they are in it.


“Unexpected Odessey” by Sanya Dane 

SD-UOdessy-200x300Adalia is a genius who has created the most technologically savvy way to travel on Terra Prime. Now she’s trying to perfect a device that will allow travel to other universes, the Odessey. After turning down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, Adalia catches him having sex with her lab assistant, which does nothing to help her anger management issues. Then a drunken night to recover from the betrayal gets her kidnapped by an alien. Could this get any worse?

Jace has traveled light years to find the source of the phenomenon killing his planet and his people.  He’d already made the decision to get Adalia’s help to reverse the affects her experiment had on his planet, no matter what.  However, he didn’t expect to fall for her in the process. She’s timid one moment, fierce the next, and has a body that causes his imagination to run wild.

Can Jace keep his people from finding out she’s responsible for their planet’s deterioration or will hidden enemies and insecurity cause them to fail?

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* Giveaway: What aspect of a story draws you in?  Is it the characters personalities, emotions, the action or maybe naughty scenes?  Comment below and one person will win a PDF copy of Unexpected Odyssey and a $10 gift card for Amazon or Starbucks. Contest ends 4/17 at 11:59PM EDT.

Author Bio:

Sanya Dane is a native New Yorker who lives with her precocious son, mischievous cat and laid-back dog. Sanya developed a love of reading and writing as a child who absorbed Dr. Seuss and Disney books like a sponge. She wrote her first creative story in fifth grade about a girl and her unicorn. In her spare time, Sanya enjoys listening to musical muses, singing and laughing out loud.

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10 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Unexpected Odessey by Sanya Dane

  1. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Sanya!

  2. This one sounds really exciting. Can’t wait to read it. I also like the cover.

  3. Unexpected Odess sounds fun. 🙂
    I’m a sucker for characters. If you give me characters I absolutely fall in love with, I don’t even care if the plot is crap. 😛

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  5. It’s the characters & storylines that draw me in.

    • I like that. As a reader I could only think of how much I love the thrill of reading a book. As a writer I realized there is so much detail involved in telling an amazing story that captivates readers.

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