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Making Me A Very Happy Camper (TM) – Get Your Geek On


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of movies. HUGE There are many, many movies that I will watch over and over because I’ve enjoyed them so much. I even laced my newest release, Break Me In, with so many movie references that I lost count. Because of this odd little passion, I often quote movies. Okay, who am I kidding. There is no often about it. I do it — a lot. My family does too, so either I’ve rubbed off on them or they’re just as demented as I am.

This past weekend, if you were anywhere near my Twitter feed, Lisa and I were having ourselves a nice little American Psycho quote-a-thon. It’s always fun when I can find someone else to play along. 😀


What about you, is there anything you find yourself quoting quite regularly?

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I have to go right now, I have to return some videotapes…


2 thoughts on “Making Me A Very Happy Camper (TM) – Get Your Geek On

  1. I’m so in love with you!

  2. My brother once wrote a story for a magazine and it was about our mother. Mom was a walking quotation. She would say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” ” is THAT what you are wearing?” And so on.
    I’m a bit of a computer geek and proud of being a geek.

    Big hugs,


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