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Talking Tall – Yeira from Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever


talldarkapocalyptic3D My heroine from Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic recently gave an interview to Sabrina Michaels from the Paranormal News Network. It was a fun and informative interview and I hope you enjoy it!

Hello everyone! my name is Sabrina Michaels, Paranormal News Network, and today I’m speaking with Yeira Ruth of Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic fame. This captivating story is part of a box set of 10 wonderful stories from bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance authors. Yeira is a fascinating individual with a unique set of problems in TD&A. Prepare yourself. What follows is a brutally honest interview:

SM: Hello, Yeira. Just to get things started, can you describe yourself for the readers in four words?

Yeira: Four words, huh? Well, if you asked the Sorceri hunter…

SM: That’s Audie Kord? The hero in the book, right?

Yeira: That’s him. His four words for me would be: Infuriating, monster, zombie, painintheass.

SM: Painintheass, heh, very good. But I wanted to know how you saw yourself.

Yeira: Okay, how’s this? Strong, determined, magical, and dead.

SM: Dead? As in zombie?

Yeira: (glares at reporter) Why can’t anybody get this right? I’m not a zombie. I’m a reborn…sort of.

SM: Why sort of? And what’s the difference?

Yeira: The sort of part you have to read the book to find out. The difference? Only everything? Zombies are stumbling, bumbling mountains of stinky goo. Reborns are magical creatures who have been reanimated at a much higher level. Our maker is supremely skilled in the death magics. Nobody can create a reborn like the dark witch.

SM: Fascinating. Okay, that brings me to my next question. Why should a reader enter your world? Entice me.

Yeira: (snorts) Entice you? Into my world? You did get the apocalyptic part, right? It’s ugly in my world. At least a third of the 20 worlds have been decimated. People are living underground because there are no governing bodies and lawlessness prevails. Zombies and irradiated monsters roam the earth, eating people.

SM: (frowns) Funny, I’m not feeling enticed.

Yeira: I’ve never been one to say I told you so, but…

SM: Right. Let’s move on. What’s really special about your world? Delight me.

Yeira: (chuckles, stares at reporter for a minute) Oh, you’re serious? Have you suffered a head injury recently? Maybe you’ve sucked too much sulfur? See above.

SM: (clearly flustered) Okay, this isn’t going well, is it? Let’s lighten things up. Demi-cup, sports bra, or 60s freedom front?

Yeira: Definitely 60s freedom front. I don’t like layers because I need to be able to move in a battle.

SM: But aren’t you worried about sag?

Yeira: Sabrina, I have like, maybe a week to live. Saggy boobs are NOT in my top 10 list of things to worry about.

SM: Right, that makes sense. Thank you for stopping by today, Yeira. It’s been an…erm…pleasure talking with you.

 TD&A box set cover_1440x1717

Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic will release as part of a box set entitled Tall, Dark & Alpha. As the name implies, this set features 10 hot Alpha heroes and the women who keep them on their toes. Here’s the blurb for the set:

He makes your heart pound and melts your resistance away. He promises you a world of passion and you find it impossible to resist his dark charm. When he catches your eye across the room, you know he means business. He could be an executive, cop, shape shifter, or a bad boy looking for a little fun. Once he has you in his sights, you can’t get away—and after one sizzling night in his arms, you won’t want to. He’s Tall, Dark & Alpha. The alpha male is the ultimate indulgence…the richest dark chocolate…and we’re offering him to you in abundance.

Delve into the sensual worlds of award-winning authors: Randi Alexander, Koko Brown, Sam Cheever, Delaney Diamond, Eve Langlais, Afton Locke, Dawn Montgomery, Farrah Rochon, Paige Tyler, and Eve Vaughn. Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience.

Book page with blurbs


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**Giveaway: A copy of the Tall, Dark & Alpha box set. Comment to win. Contest ends 3/13 at 11:59PM EDT.

Author Bio:


Award winning Sam Cheever writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

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  1. Thanks so much for letting me drop by Literary Lagniappe today!

  2. Wonderful interview! Yeira is terrific!!

  3. Great interview, Sam! The series is on my TBR!

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