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Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes


Hey there! It’s finally my chance to introduce myself around these parts. I’m Sara Brookes and I’ve just recently joined the Literary Lagniappe admin gang. I’ve known Lisa and Emily for quite a few years now, so I’m really looking forward to getting to work with them a bit more. I actually joined LL earlier in the month and for those who don’t know, I’m the voice behind the LL Twitter account and helping promote posts through Twitter. So don’t be shy!

I needed to come up with a theme to centralize my monthly posts around and in between finishing up my latest book, working on edits for my next book, plotting out what I’m going to work on next and pretending I’m being patient for a few things, I thought long and hard about what to talk about.

Then, of course, I realized the idea was staring me in the face.

So, once a month, I’ll talk about video games, comic books, movies, television shows and even books. Today, it’s all about Vikings. As in the show on the History Channel (I did warn you…) As I’m typing this, my Kindle is propped up beside me playing Episode 3 of the first season. Which means there are lots of beards and accents happening right now. And that makes me a Very Happy Camper (TM).


I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I queued up the first episode, but within the first ten minutes, Lagertha (Ragnar’s wife) rained some serious ass kicking down on two intruders who were trying to rape her and I was hooked. Yeah, I’m easy to lure in when there’s a chick kicking ass. It also helps that the show is history based (being on the History Channel you know…) as I’m one of those odd souls who could sit around and watch The Discovery Channel, The Science Channel and so on for hours on end.

If you watch the show, what do you like about it? And if not, do you have a favorite show that you love to watch?


4 thoughts on “Get Your Geek On with Sara Brookes

  1. I really enjoyed the show, and am looking forward to the second season going onto Lovefilm in the UK in a couple of days. I actually am a sucker for Rollo, Ragnar’s brother. Yum.

    The accents made me laugh, though, they sounded odd every now and again, then I realised the show is filmed in Ireland, so maybe that explains it. Or maybe not… who knows?

    Either way it’s great entertainment and I look forward to your geeky posts.

    From A Fellow Geek,
    Lucy 🙂

  2. Love that show! Come to think of it, I love everything about it and the cast. If I had to a pick a favorite character I’d choose Loki. He’s one seriously messed up dude.

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