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Behind the Scenes of Grace Under Fire by Misa Buckley


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Stargate. Or that I’m a huger fan of one character in particular. The seed for Grace Under Fire was planted after watching one SG-1 episode that featured my favourite character rather heavily.

There is a scene where he’s been captured by the good guys (yeah, he’s a baddie). Dressed in plain overalls, he is in a holding cell, being questioned. In Grace Under Fire, the military base is swapped for a mental institute; the team for just one person – Grace. And while Benedict does wear a grey overall, he’s also been handcuffed to his chair.

Of course, Grace’s world is very different to that of Stargate. There are no aliens or travel to other planets. When danger calls, she’s no military training to deal with it, nor a team that has her back. It’s just her and a guy she breaks out of the aforementioned institute.

Oh, and their superpowers…

While Stargate wasn’t the only sci fi show I took references from, those are the majority and they’re in there because it amused me to add them. I could share what they are and where they come from, but where’s the fun in that? Consider them Easter eggs and see how many you can find.


Blurb: An unlikely disaster demands an unlikely saviour.


Grace McKenna wakes up to find the world in danger – the sky is on fire and the only man who knows how the global satellite system works is languishing in a mental institute. Sent by the director of Global Solutions, she discovers a man largely forgotten by society, a man whose powers intrigue her.

Breaking Benedict Thomas out of the institute might be as crazy as he’s alleged to be, but someone is lying and Grace is determined to find out whom. Especially since those lies have put the entire world in danger.


*Giveaway: One winner chosen from the comments will win a copy of Grace Under Fire and previous release Archangel in their choice of e-format. Contest ends 2/13 at 11:59PM EST. 


Author: emilycale

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4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Grace Under Fire by Misa Buckley

  1. I love Easter Eggs in books – both adding them to my own work and recognizing them in others. Great post, Misa. Thanks so much for hanging out with us today!

  2. Easter Eggs are loads of fun. You must enjoy employing them as well I think.

  3. Look forward to reading this book

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