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No Surprises by Sara Brookes


I have a confession.

Come closer. Just a little bit closer. I don’t want to yell it.


I don’t like surprises.

There I said it.

I want to know exactly what’s going on. At all times. Problem is, sometimes my characters like to keep secrets from me. Me! How rude.

A perfect example is my contemporary erotic romance, Ragged Edge. When I started writing the book, I had a kernel of an idea. I knew the two main characters would be Erin and Dalton. They’d meet when Dalton hires Erin to design a new sign for his bike shop. As the two get closer, Erin learns Dalton was once heavily into BDSM. She confesses she had an interest, but would like to try. He agrees. They fall in love during their journey and that’s all she wrote.

Only, it wasn’t.

When I sat down to actually write the story, the opening chapter was a sex scene – between Dalton and another man. EXCUSE ME!?!?!? See, apparently, Dalton had forgotten to tell me a little bit of information about the relationship he was keeping secret with the town sheriff, Cade.

Suddenly, I was writing a romance involving three people. A ménage. I should probably mention, at this point, I’d never written a ménage of this kind before. Where all three people basically had a free for all when it came to sex? I mean I know Slot A and Tab B but…now I had a Tab C. Surely I’m off my rocker, ‘cause I’ve got no feckin’ clue what to do.

So, I pushed through as best as I could and 90K words later, I’d figured out how to make all those extra body parts work juuuuust fine. ;^)


Dalton is no stranger to hitting rock bottom. He’s worked hard to turn his life around. Now he has a quiet life, a successful business and a no-strings-attached arrangement for sex with Kincade. Everything is just as it should be. Then a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by a sexy newcomer, and Dalton realizes something is missing.

Caught up in the intense passion the men share, Erin finds herself fighting her desire to run or to get between these two hard bodies. She’s convinced her attraction is wrong. However, a little persuasion from both Dalton and Cade convinces her she belongs with and between them.

Erin’s surrender becomes Dalton’s reawakening. A BDSM master, Dalton is in his element wielding command, and soon the threesome fill their nights with mind-blowing pleasure. But when a piece of Dalton’s past resurfaces, it threatens the very foundation he’s built and could put him back at the bottom.

Warning: Contains gay sex on the seat of a motorcycle with the town sheriff, a mind-bending trip into subspace, voyeuristic blow jobs, two subs who willingly kneel before their master and lots and lots of ménage sex in a secret room tucked away behind a motorcycle shop. Vroom, vroom.

GIVEAWAY: Do you like the unexpected? Or like to know exactly what is coming your way? Tell me and I’ll draw the name of one lucky winner to receive an ecopy of Ragged Edge! Contest ends 11/28 at 11:59PM EST


Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter.





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Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

7 thoughts on “No Surprises by Sara Brookes

  1. Sara – I am just like you. I don’t like surprises. I am such a control freak that surprises drive me crazy… With that said, I do NOT want to know what is in the gift someone is giving me. In that case, I like a surprise & not having to know EVERYTHING. Then it’s a bit anticlimatic. I’m sure you probably felt the same way about Jagged Edge – it was probably nice for you to have a package all nicely tied up with the wrapping paper you liked… but I’m sure you really enjoyed the surprise you found inside 🙂 !! I look forward to reading Jagged Edge!

  2. I like the unexpected in very controlled and specific circumstances and the results need to be awesome and mostly to my benefit. So maybe not so much. Lol! Thanks for hanging out with us, Sara!

  3. First, to answer your question, I love surprises, both the giving and the receiving. However, I am completely aware that they aren’t everyone’s thing, and I will absolutely not surprise people who hate them. It’s shocking to me how much loathing a person can have for surprises because I think they are delightful. To each his own, though!

    Now, as for your post, let me just say I absolutely adored it. I loved the beginning with each line as we move close to hear you. I loved the middle where we were just moseying along to another boy-meets-girl, boy-gets-girl-into-BDSM, boy-and-girl-live-happily-ever-after. And I loved the surprise ending where one character forgot to fill in the author about what kind of story she’d be writing. Absolutely priceless, and so funny. I mean this sincerely, I haven’t read a thing you’ve written before now, and you have me absolutely sold. Would I love to win? Yes. Will I be buying Ragged Edge (and others of yours that tickle my fancy)? Yes. Am I looking forward to your next story titled “Surprise Me Not”? 😉

    I’m so glad you were here to share with all of us. Thank you!

    • Wow, Carlyon, thank you so much! I think I’m too much of a control freak to enjoy the surprise. I even hate haunted houses and such for the people jumping out and scaring you. It flips me out, not scream and make me laugh. LOL And I will totally keep that story title handy, ’cause it’s awesome. 😀

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