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Boarding by DD Symms


No one likes someone else to pry into her sexual life without permission, but that’s exactly what happens in the latter chapters of Boarding.

This was a fun yet challenging section of the story to write.

Story Background

Jessie Carter is a 20-something fashion designer visiting New York City and she gets an assignment to create a dress in one day for world renowned model Veve Rouselette. The dress will be shown at an intimate gathering of Veve’s friends who are known for their sexual proclivities and enjoyment of BDSM.

The Situation

Jessie has little time to spare and is in a fabric store searching for what she needs when she pulls back clothing on a rack and a little woman with a wrinkled face surprises her. The woman is Trudy Wilcox, a gossip columnist digging up dirt on Veve and wanting to know about the model’s private life.

Jessie doesn’t know completely what is going on but Trudy gives Jessie warnings on rumors that have surfaced.

I rewrote this part a few times. First, there was the challenge of setting up the fabric store. I did online research and watched various YouTube videos and relied on my own experience shopping older department stores and older specialty stores with wooden floors that creak and older East European clerks.

Boarding 267x400


How exactly could I get Trudy to put a scare and surprise in Jessie without appearing scary? I had Trudy walk up on Jessie and I tried some different approaches. This is what I chose:

While Jessie mentally clicked through her options, the floor creaked and a presence seemed to overshadow her. She glanced over her shoulder but nothing more than a heavy black curtain shrouded a back room. The ring-a-ling of the bell on the front door signaled another shopper. Jessie couldn’t stop her vision from racing even further ahead. Over the shoulder dresses with bands in the same family of colors, prep-school styles for women and men with another style of narrow colors, complimentary earth-tones representing regions and cultures.

Two mannequins draped in specials of the month had an appeal and the colors only confirmed that the soft blue in which she envisioned Stephanie was the best choice. Another creak. But there was no one to her right or left. Across the store a clerk scanned a shopper’s bundle. The vision was enticing, but the first hurdle was creating the prototype and the small matter of funding if anything further developed.

Jessie took the sketch from her bag and held it carefully, studying it and comparing different colors, styles and shapes.

A rack of linen nearly Jessie’s height draped on hangers like dresses in a discount shop. A sign proclaimed, Used. The classification appealed to Jessie like sifting sand for buried treasure. She moved one to the side, studying a sequined dress while the hangar scraped and squeaked across the metal rod. One more scrape and squeak. And another.


I hope you have as much fun reading Boarding as I had writing it and discovering a world of fashion, lust, and quirky characters through the eyes of Jessie Carter.


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Contest ends on October 13th at 11:59PM EDT.

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4 thoughts on “Boarding by DD Symms

  1. This sounds like a very fun book! Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, DD!

  2. Lisa, so glad to visit with you and Emily. What a terrific approach you both have developed to meeting new authors. Boarding was fun — especially the chance to dive into the fashion industry as a man who can barely dress without mixing plaids and solids.

  3. Reblogged this on DD Symms, Romance Author and commented:
    Lisa and Emily have a fun approach to interviewing authors and they dig into the “behind the scenes” of the author’s thoughts. Stop on by and peek into what I have to say and put yourself in this position: what if someone was prying into your private thoughts?

  4. This is definitely something I need to read!

    angelminded95 @ yahoo . com

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