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About Jade by Tanith Devenport


About Jade

My heroine in Ready for Him, Jade, came to me in my sleep.

This happens to me a lot. I dream very vividly and tend to write them down in the hope that some of the more intelligible parts might be usable in a story. In this instance, the general premise of my dream – and I have no idea where it came from – was of a girl heading down to Las Vegas with her three best friends to play maid of honour in their triple wedding.

readyforhim_800 (1)

This sounded a bit like the set-up for a romantic comedy about an unlucky-in-love klutzy fall-girl character. And I hate those kinds of set-ups. As a result, I deliberately wrote Jade as the opposite. True, she’s single – that much was a necessity. But Jade is a tough character more akin to Lisbeth Salander than your average romcom lead. She’s tattooed, pierced, a trained martial artist and, when it comes to men, intimidates rather than seduces.

And then she meets Will.

This was my first attempt at writing BDSM. I kept it comparatively mild, but even so, my main priority was managing the power balance. A lot of “dominant billionaire” stories, unsurprisingly, have all the power on one side. Will is a dominant, unbelievably wealthy and used to getting whatever he wants. And he wants Jade.

Jade, however, is no natural submissive. Spiky, independent and damaged, she has no intention of letting any man control her life. It’s maneuvering round their differing viewpoints to find a happy medium that leads the story – and makes sure that both hero and heroine get what they want.

I just hope they’re ready.


Ready for Him is available from Total-e-Bound as part of the Tied to the Billionaire anthology at However, one lucky commenter will win a free copy of the full anthology – five stories of hot billionaires to enjoy! Contest ends 8/29 at 11:59PM EDT.

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6 thoughts on “About Jade by Tanith Devenport

  1. They sound like quite a couple! Thanks for hanging out with us today, Tanith!

  2. I’m sold. Will sounds sexy. *grabby hands* Gimme, plz and thank you.

    Also, I’d totally love a copy of the story….

    Jade sounds awesome, too. I can’t wait to read her side of the story!

  3. Thanks for having me here, and I’m glad you like the sound of it!

  4. They sound awesome. I would love a copy. I love this genre of books! Good luck!

  5. I am always looking for new authors to read and your book sounds really good.

  6. Hi Tanith, Your story sounds great. I have vivid dreams, too, and some of that has definitely turned into stories for me. May the creativity continue to flow! 🙂

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