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To Be or Not to Be—That Actually IS the Question by Lynnette Austin


Can you imagine if we woke tomorrow to find Prince Harry the new King of England? Who would be more surprised? England or Harry? J Although he’s a member of the royal family, he’s never actually believed he’d have to pick up the country’s reins—nor do I think he wants to!

Walking in Vogel State Park one day, I started thinking about how many people are in jobs or life situations not of their choosing, living a life that’s not what they want. Most of us can make a change—job, city, career. But what if you couldn’t?

Prince William is heir to the throne. No choice there. His first-born, male or female, will be heir. Again, no choice.

As I made my way around the lake, a story started brewing, an idea for a princess by default. She’d be of royal lineage, but like Harry she’s never meant to inherit the throne. What if, due to unforeseen circumstances, she finds herself with a coronation looming?

That’s where my head was when I came up with the idea for my latest book, Somebody Like You, the first in my Maverick Junction series. It didn’t take long, though, for my princess-by-default to morph into a Boston heiress headed to Texas—where all those incredible cowboys live. While a princess and an heiress seem so diverse at first blush, they share certain responsibilities. Both face enormous expectations; both often live a fish-bowl existence.

Annelise Montjoy, my heroine, tired of constant paparazzi and body guards, hops on a Harley in search of a long-lost relative and runs smack-dab into Cash Hardeman. Annelise is champagne and crystal flutes. Cash? Pure Texas cowboy in all his sexiness! The instant the two met on my computer monitor, I knew I had the right combination.



A store door opened and her breath caught. Go, Texas! Look at that cowboy. So different than any of the men in her life. So…intriguing. She slowed to nearly a standstill and watched as he swiped an arm across his forehead, then dumped a grocery bag in the back seat of the old Caddy.

Cracking open a bottle of water, he turned his head in her direction. Her breath hitched as his gaze ran lazily over her, her bike. Then he snagged a Styrofoam cup from inside his car and filled it before setting it on the blistering pavement for the dog waiting patiently beside him.

Leaning against the faded fender, he thumbed back his battered Stetson and chugged the rest of the water. Twisting the cap back on, he tossed the bottle into the recycling bin beside the grocer’s door.

Annelise pulled her bike into a parking space across the street, deliberately turning her back on the stranger. While his clothes might have been stereotypical cowboy–worn jeans, a faded tee-shirt, cowboy boots and hat—he took everything from simmer to boiling point. The jeans hugged long legs, while the shirt stretched taut across his muscled chest. There was something very alluring about him and that surprised her. He wasn’t the kind she was usually drawn to.

He shouldn’t appeal to her.

He did.


I had so much fun writing Cash and Annie’s story that I went back to Maverick Junction, Texas, for Nearest Thing to Heaven, releasing September 3rd, then again for Can’t Stop Loving You, coming out in February of 2013. Right now, I’m back in Texas, having a great time with Always On My Mind. I just can’t seem to get enough of these cowboys and their ladies.

I do hope you’ll stop by Maverick Junction. We can slip into Bubba’s Roadhouse for some finger-lickin’ good barbecue and a tall glass of sweet tea. Thanks so much for visiting today!

GIVEAWAY: In case you haven’t noticed, all my titles pay homage to great Country-Western songs. I made a CD of some of my favorites to play while I write my Maverick Junction books. What kind of music do you like? What’s your favorite song? Leave a comment for me. Tell me what you listen to, and I’ll enter you into a drawing for a digital copy of Somebody Like You.

The contest ends July 14th at 11:59 PM EDT.

You can find Somebody Like You at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in digital and print versions.

How to get in touch:


twitter: @lynnettaustin


Check out for my non-Maverick Junction books.


Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

22 thoughts on “To Be or Not to Be—That Actually IS the Question by Lynnette Austin

  1. This sounds like an amazing story! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I find Prince Harry very inspiring as well, he has lots of…personality. This sounds like an awesome story, Lynnette. Thanks for hanging out with us today!

  3. I’m an eclectic listener, everything from Led Zeppelin to Josh Groban to Johnny Lang, you name it. My favorite song changes daily. Today it’s Slow Down by Third Day, reminding me to take it easy on my repetitive strain injuries so I can continue writing. Your books sound wonderful. I’ll definitely check them out. Love your thought process. Nothing more interesting than a writer’s mind.

  4. I’m so happy to be visiting here today ! I had so much fun writing the Maverick Junction books and playing “what if”.

  5. And Prince Harry? I LOVE him! 🙂

  6. Absolutely loving reading this book. Hoping to wrap it up on my camping trip this weekend….love how you can’t put it down and you keep us wrapped up in the story like we’re in the book. My favorite song is Toes by Zac Brown Band…my summer anthem! Can’t wait till the next book in the series comes out. The cover along wants to make you jump right in.

  7. Truly something to think about…and Maverick Junction–that’s a place I love escaping to! Great reads, Lynn. I love your books!

  8. I’m an old cowhand…..from theRioGrande….and my legs aint bowed…and my cheeks aint taned….I’m a COW GIRL who never roped a cow AND I ain’t fixin’ to start in now…can’t ride a horse…cause I don’t know how…HIPPIE aye ole K Yeah cowboy Hippie aye O Ky Aye. hahahah I’m always singing this and swapping Girl for Boy. Don’t know why I love it. And I do love Joel, Randolph, Glenn, Gary…yup it just goes on and on.. Sweet Like your idea of an unusual getting to be a “little mite more than”…. Here comes a lady!

  9. Lynn, I get the feeling you have a soft spot for bad boys. Don’t we all? I love the first Maverick Junction and look forward to reading more. Isn’t it great to discover/create characters and settings you love? My taste in music is like my taste in reading: eclectic. I have to confess my favorite song is Nessum Dorma by Luciano Pavarotti, but I like Georgia On My Mind by Rod Stewart or Michael Bolton almost as much, Oh, oh, and anything sung by the incomperable Trace Adkins, or, gee whiz, I could go on and on and on . . .

  10. I listen to a little of everything…I love Country, Rock and 80’s the most!!! As for favorite songs I have so many but Bruno Mars When I was your man is my go to lately love that song!!!!


  11. Patty, I really do love those bad boys! In fact, I married one. 🙂 Love the Tim McGraw song–I may be a real bad boy, but, baby, I’m a real good man. So true…and so much fun!

  12. Ah, yes, Josie. Bruno Mars. What a voice. It really is tough to pick one song, isn’t it?

  13. Gwen, you really do love that song, don’t you, cowgirl? In Somebody Like You, Annelise loved classical music–until Cash turned her onto Country Western. After that, she was doing the Texas waltz to Trace Adkins and Keith Urban and loving it!

  14. Sounds like a good story. My favorite music can change depending on who PBS is bringing into town for a concert. Today it’s The Tenors, formerly the Canadian Tenors. My favorite song of theirs is Remember on their The Canadian Tenor CD.

  15. Hi Lynn! i am very interested in your books! I would to read them! I need to get back into finding time to read more.

    I listen to a little bit of everything. My favorite is 80’s. a few of my favorites are Michael Jacksons “Man in the Mirror” Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” and the Beach Boys. Music helps get my through the day at work. We keep a radio on at work and most of the time I could not tell you want was playing ( I guess it’s just background noise) but my ears perk up as soon as it goes off. I love working to music.

  16. Sheila, I’m going to have to check that song out. I’ve either never heard it or it’s been awhile. I just love music. And Katie. The Beach Boys. Love, love, love their sound. It’s always so fresh and energizing. Hope you both get a chance to read my series…and that you love Cash and Annie, Ty and Sophie, Brawley and Maggie and my little town of Maverick Junction. Books and music. Two of the finest things in life.

  17. Got to love Harry.

    I’m more of a classical music kind of person. Give me some Mozart & I’m happy.


  18. Yeah, think Harry’s a sweetheart 🙂
    Love country music…as you know. Right now, anything Chris Young is a favorite!
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Oh, yes, Chris Young! 😉 My birthday concert! What could be better?!?

  20. What I listen to depends on what I am doing. If I am trying to focus on writing or editing, I usually listen to smooth jazz or new age music. If I am doing chores, I am usually listening to pop or R&B

  21. I’m a fan of classic country music. I love listening to the old greats such as Conway Twitty or George Jones. As a child, I remember my mother playing those old LP’s on her Hi-Fi. I guess they stuck with me:)

  22. It has been so much fun visiting Literary Lagniappe! I’ve enjoyed chatting with y’all while we drank sweet tea and talked about writing and music–two loves of mine.
    A huge thanks to Lisa and Emily for inviting me today!

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