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The Day Before Demon Within by Rebecca Royce


Palo Alto, California


Brady Knox sat his desk staring at his computer screen.  His investigator had actually done it. The man had found Dakota Daniels.  He leaned back in his chair letting himself take a deep breath.  With the resources to chase her anywhere around the world, getting to Brooklyn would not cause him any kind of problem.  With a click of his mouse, he booked his private jet to leave the next afternoon.  Maybe he’d finally get some help with Sydney.  Maybe there would be light out of the endless tunnel of darkness his sister resided within.

His intercom beeped and the voice of his very efficient secretary Betty came over the line.  “Sir, you have a call from the mansion.”

“Right.” If he got a call during the day from his house it wasn’t because the landscaper had broken a sprinkler. It could only be about Sydney.  After disconnecting the intercom and the personal recording device that he always had running in his office, he picked up his phone.  No one needed to hear what went on when he talked about his sister.

For that part, no one needed to know he had a sister. For now.

“Sir, she is having a very bad day. She’s broken through several restraints and injured a nurse.”

He closed his eyes.  It never got better.  There were times when it lulled but then her behavior would surge again and although he considered himself a reasonable man he would swear he could see the devil in her eyes.

“Send the nurse to the hospital. Make sure she receives full compensation and a bonus if she keeps her mouth shut about how this happened. No bonus if she does not.”

His housekeeper uh-huhed her agreement.  “The usual amount?”

“Add an additional twenty-k to sweeten the deal.”

“Right. What would you have me to do to calm her down?”

“Well.  If you believe in some deity who can intervene, I suggest you start praying.”  He hung the phone.  For his part, he’d found an exorcist and, damn it, the woman would be helping me one way or another.

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Author: emilycale

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13 thoughts on “The Day Before Demon Within by Rebecca Royce

  1. What an attention-grabbing excerpt!! Congratulations on your this and all of your upcoming releases, Rebecca! 🙂

  2. I shouldn’t be looking at that cover just before bed. Definitely a daytime read for me, but WOW!!

  3. That cover is definitely amazing! Great peek!

  4. Great snippet! Thanks so much for hanging out with us today Rebecca!

  5. Very interesting cover. The story sounds equally intriguing.

  6. Thank you so much for having me!

  7. The cover scares the bejesus out of me. So I’m confused. Is this in the story or is this an not included prologue. It’s very good in either case. Makes me want to buy and read the book. I’d have to read it in the early morning so it couldn’t haunt my sleep.

  8. Terrific snippet! That ISN”T in the book? Nice job!

  9. Nice cover….makes me want to pick up the book and read what’s inside.

  10. Sounds like a unique read. Nice one! 🙂

  11. The story is amazing. I love hearing about what comes before.


  12. I love the cover, sensual and creepy at the same time

  13. The cover kinda creeps me out, lol, but the blurb sounds intriguing.

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