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Sequel Sneak Peek by Sharon Kleve


When Corny Myers and Steve Spears met in Klutzy Love it was fast and furious lust at first sight. They were in bed together before the ‘start your engines’ flag was dropped.

They return in Flamingo Blues. In the pursuit of the perfect Christmas getaway in Victoria BC; Corny steals a tour bus; returns a flock of stolen flamingos to their favorite lake; buys Steve, her tough-as-nails Seattle cop boyfriend, front row seats to the Cirque du Soleil; and she gets a bright and shiny new key.

Valentine’s Day rolls around in Be Mine and Corny’s back to her crazy antics. Time is running out and Brutus—the horny Labrador, Molly—the hussy French Poodle, Hernando Lamberto—the prized Pekinese, Harry—the Penguin, Buddy the Butt Head—Iguana, and three raccoons all need Corny’s attention. Can she pull it all together for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration?

The Corny Myers Series

Life throws Corny a curve in The Ex. Corny’s excitement over serving on jury duty is squashed when she hears news of Steve’s ex girlfriend relocating to Seattle. Steve’s an aggressive, tough, Seattle narcotics cop who thinks Celeste could do no wrong. Celeste is back in town and has set her sights on rekindling her relationship with Steve. Being an FBI agent she’s used to getting what she wants, no matter what the cost. Corny is trying to keep her relationship from falling apart, while rescuing pets, and saving her friend from a loan shark.

Without giving away too much of my upcoming Christmas story, Corny and Steve will be back in My Christmas Wish. In Klutzy Love Corny’s boss Mr. Langfield died while bungee jumping on his honeymoon, to a much younger woman. Corny’s visited by the ghost of Mr. Langfield’s with clues to a scavenger hunt she can’t refuse. The hunt begins to find the answers to his untimely death.

*Giveaway: One lucky winner will receive an eBook copy of The Corny Myers Series. Contest ends at 11:59PM EDT on June 20, 2013.

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5 thoughts on “Sequel Sneak Peek by Sharon Kleve

  1. Wow, Corny sounds like she has quite a life! Thanks for hanging out with us today Sharon!

  2. Sounds like a really fun read! Can’t wait to check the stories out! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for hanging out with us. Sounds like quite the story.

  4. Oh wow this sounds like a great series..I am definitely putting them on my tbr list

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