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Waking Beauty by Tasha Blackstone


Thank you Lisa and Emily for having me!

Deciphering a Faerie Tale

When I first chose to jump into the erotic romance genre I decided to start with my first love, which has always been Faerie Tales. I have always been drawn to the magic and intensity, how anything is possible and even against the worst possible odds, true love prevails. Well, in the newer sugary versions anyway. The original tales of course were from a darker, more macabre era and rarely had happy endings. Personally I tend to favor a mixture of the two.

As I picked through and tried to find my candidates I made a list of some of my favorite tales and researched some of the lesser known to see which ones inspired me. I wanted to begin with tales that readers were familiar with yet try to stay away from those that had been reworked to death. (Snow White & Cinderella come to mind). Not that I don’t enjoy the re-works of those two tales, but I couldn’t quite get past the original lay-out and find how I could work them to be my own.

Some tales that I considered were: The Little Mermaid, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, The Little Match Girl, Princess & the Pea, The Frog Prince, Thumbelina, Show White & Rose Red, and Little Red-Riding Hood.

It was one night while watching Disney’s Tangled that the light turned on. My first book Elle: An Erotic Faerie Tale is my dark version of the classic Rapunzel tale. I loved writing it so much that I wondered what it would be like if all of the beloved characters all lived within one world, interacting witch each other. Why choose one character when I could choose them all and create a few of my own in the process? That was the birth of my latest release, Waking Beauty book one of the Windsong Keep series. The premise was to create a world with basically a revolving door so that I could turn it into a series and keep introducing new romances while staying within the same world that had exploded in my mind’s eye. I needed to have that introductory book and chose the Sleeping Beauty character as the beginning since in every version of her story, she awakens to a world that she is unfamiliar with. I also did some research and found that in one of the very first documented versions of Sleeping Beauty her name was Talia so I used the name to honor the beginning of a tale that has grown to be a treasured classic.

**At the current moment, my ADD has kicked in and I have started another series, the first book of which will be released in June, however I haven’t turned my back on the Windsong Keep series. The characters are still brewing and begging to have their stories told so be assured that even though there is only the 1st in the series for now, and for a while I will be focusing on a different series, I will revisit the charges of the Keep.**

*GIVEAWAY* One lucky commenter will win a pdf copy of Waking Beauty. Contest ends June 2, 2013 at 11:59PM EDT.

Waking Beauty Blurb:
tb-wk-wakingbeautyTalia has been sleeping for 200 years, locked away in the Veil, alone and scared. When the darkness finally comes for her, she has lost her will to fight and accepts defeat.

Hunter, the only Male Empath in existence, has chosen a life of solitude as penance for misuse of his gift. When fate steps in and draws him to the Sleeping Beauty, his desires are stirred and his need awakens with her.

In this beautifully spun tale of love and lust, Hunter and Talia must find strength in each other to battle the shadows of their past. Haunting memories, a vengeful Shadow Witch, gifts that are out of control and the powerful Blood Diamond are only a few of the obstacles standing in their way. Can they overcome their demons defeat the vengeful Witch and allow true love to conquer all? Or are they destined to a life of missed opportunity and unfulfilled desires?

Author Bio:
There was never a day in Tasha’s life when she wasn’t creating new worlds, characters, or story lines. Even as a little girl, she was often locked away in her grandfather’s office drawing, cutting, pasting, and writing short stories to give to her mom. Using all methods from crayons, pens and pencils, typewriters, and word processors, she found her favorite was the typewriter. The clickity-clack sound that the keys made as she wrote her stories ignited excitement, and at the young age of eight, she knew she wanted to grow up and be a writer.

When she isn’t locked away writing she is running interference between her husband, three teenagers, and two dogs along with attending school full time to earn her Business Management and working full time during the summer seasons.
Where to find me:
Siren Author Page
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4 thoughts on “Waking Beauty by Tasha Blackstone

  1. Fairy tales are such wonderful sources of inspiration! Thanks so much for hanging out with us today Tasha!

  2. Thank you for having me Lisa! I truly love Fairy Tales. They provide endless possibilities and I absolutely love that they come from such a dark origin, yet have somewhere along the way been twisted into a tales of love and hope.

  3. I love fairy tales, especially erotic ones. I can’t wait to read your book.

  4. Thank you! I loved writing it – fairy tales are so much fun to play with. I hope you enjoy it!

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