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How It Feels to Write a Book by Lori Toland


I often get asked how it is to write a book. Usually I give a standard answer of how it’s hard work and then you get to editing and you feel like your guts are being ripped out and you’re stupid because why didn’t you think of all the things your editor is pointing out to you… and so on.

It’s not always like that. Sometimes you’re flying and…it’s really hard to explain but then I saw a Dorito’s commercial that is so much like writing.

Sometimes you have this idea, okay, maybe it’s not the most amazing idea but you hop in and put the keys in. In a minute, you’re down the street and suddenly you’re flying through the streets of I don’t even know where but oh my god, the wind is in your hair and the words are flying on the page faster than you can type them.


But you offer him your bag of chips and suddenly YOU’RE FLYING AGAIN! The words are appearing on the page and it’s like you have a psychic connection with your document. This is the greatest feeling ever and I love this and I love being a writer!!!1!


But you don’t care because it’s an awesome idea and the banana goes in the backseat. You’re flying again and this is the best feeling ever and you just can’t stand it. *passes out and is dead from the awesomeness of the ride*

You hate for it to end but the story has to be turned into your editor. You just hope they are understanding about having a life sized banana in the car.

That’s how my books feel to me except there are two bananas (or swords or whatever phallic symbols you want to use) and my stories have lots more nakedness than the commercials (because you know someone here in America would crap a brick over that) but the excitement is right up there.

And I love every minute of it. I hope you do too!


*GIVEAWAY* One lucky commenter will receive an ebook copy of English Chaps and his/her choice of either The Long Con or Dangerous Submission.

Dangerous Submission

dangeroussubBritish Agent Drake Steele never thought when he was hired on at the Serious Organised Crime Agency that his job would involve spanking a co-worker. But when the colleague is Lord Robbie Covington, the sexy red-headed computer hacker for SOCA and MI-6, Drake can’t agree fast enough to pop Robbie’s cherry and pull him into the sensual world of BDSM.

Now they are caught up in a web of lies as they pose as members of the jet-setting crowd. Drake and Robbie have to race against the clock to stop a weapons haul that could threaten the safety of all Europe. As their covers begin to fade and danger is closing in, protecting Robbie is Drake’s most important task, but neither man is ready for the moment when their hearts are put on the line.

Available from Loose Id, Amazon, and other ebook retailers.

You can find Lori online on her website, Twitter or Facebook.

Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

6 thoughts on “How It Feels to Write a Book by Lori Toland

  1. Lol! What an awesome analogy! Thanks so much for hanging out with us today Lori!

  2. Thank you for having me by! 🙂

  3. Loved the analogy. I stumble over this question whenever asked. Your answer is way more fun! (Enjoyed Dangerous Submission. Saw it reviewed on Guilty Indulgence for the Hop Against Homophobia and read it this weekend.)

  4. Haha! Love it! Plus, I love all these books. Dangerous Submissions might be my favorite. Or The Long Con. Oh, I can’t decide.

  5. Sounds like an exciting and terrifying ride! I think that’s a great way to describe writing that so many people can relate to.

  6. So psyched for DANGEROUS SUBMISSION–love the post!

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