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Character Interview with Raphael by VS Nelson


I brought Raphael, the hero in Eternal Nights with me today. I thought it would be fun for him to answer your questions. Raphael, why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and the others you call the Guardians?

New Raphael (1)

Well that’s a pretty tall order. Perhaps I should start off by explaining who we are. The Guardians are actually members of a protection agency my brethren and I started a little over a hundred years ago. We employ humans, breeds and immortals, alike. The name of our company is Guardians, Inc. and well known throughout your world as the finest protection agency in the world. I should mention at this time that G.I. is our day job, by night we continue to hunt down and destroy those members of Set’s Legions who came to Earth to destroy your civilization and turn the human race into their private feeding lot.

Oh my, that doesn’t sound good. What else can you tell us?

Set’s Primes, their seven leaders, came to Earth a little over five thousand years ago from our native home world. We, my brethren and I, followed them. Several hundred years ago, we thought our long war was over. All of Set’s Primes had been killed but then one of their followers studied the ancient Egyptian art of resurrection and before we knew it several of them returned from the dead. How many, we have yet to uncover. Along with their resurrection, their evil and wicked ways returned. But we will get them again, just wait and see.

You keep mentioning your brethren, what can you tell us about them? How many are there?

The rulers of our home world believed in keeping things in balance. Since seven Primes were created by Set, seven of us, who most call the Ancients, were turned into what we remain to day. The other Ancients are, Gabriel, our leader, Michael, our physician, Lance, who runs our computer control system, Thomas, Ariel, and Raziel. A few months ago Ariel and Raziel were running two of our other offices. Gabriel called them home once we discovered what Set and his Legions were up to.

And what would that be?

Well, for starters they are kidnapping young women; primarily those who they suspect are lifemates. Sadly, they are not as smart as they think they are and they have taken several human hostages. It is our duty to find these women and return them unharmed to their families.

So is this what the books in the series are about?

Our war is only one aspect to V.S. Nelson’s series, Sekhmet’s Guardians. The books are multi-plotted. Categorized as paranormal romance, they truly are a mixture of suspense, mystery, romance, and even some humor thrown in for good measure.

Sounds like they might be very busy.

There is a lot going on, but author V.S. Nelson has a way of relating the details for the all the plots that are easy to follow. That is one reason Gabriel choose her to tell our story to the world.

Oh, I see… so what can you tell us about the books without giving away too many spoilers. What would you say the man theme is for each book?

Book one in the series, Eternal Lovers, was released this past January. In essence it is Gabriel and Jennifer’s story. It is also the book that sets the foundation for the other ten in the series. You see Gabriel is… was a cold hearted SOB, due to the loss of his one true love. Anyway, all that comes to an end the minute he meets Jennifer Mankiller Collins, a half breed Native American. Jennifer is also half, what you would call a Selkie.

cover Med

STOP! Are you telling me the books are a mixture of the paranormal, Native American and European Mythology?

Yes, and much more. I’m sure you will find it an interesting mix to say the least.

Although readers will find each book is a stand alone, they do follow a time line. Book two, Eternal Nights picks up where book one leaves off.

Now for the good stuff, Book two, Eternal Nights is about yours truly, me. I have spent my life wondering if I would ever find that one true woman who would fill my every desire. In the beginning of book two, I’m convinced I’m loosing my mind. I have started to hear voices, correction; one voice from one very special woman. Her name is Jessica and I’m happy to say, I have finally found what I have looked for my entire life. Jessica is in fact, Jennifer’s baby sister, who no one knew anything about. Eternal Nights was recently released.

BookCover Promo Cover

So where can we find these books and how do we learn more about them and the author?

You can find all of author V.S. Nelson’s work including the series through her Amazon author page. or by visiting her website

V is all over cyberspace but you can usually find her on her at one of these great places.

Blog  Twitter Goodreads Facebook  Authorsdb

Anything else you want to add?

**Oh I almost forgot, V is giving on lucky commenter a free Kindle download –their choice, Eternal nights or Eternal Lovers. So be sure to take a minute and say hi below. Contest ends May 26th at 11:59PM EDT**


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  1. I LOVED this thank you!!!

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  4. Wonderful post, V…you know Raphael is my favorite!


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