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Stranger by Morning by Adrienne Davenport


My latest release, a modern romance titled “Stranger by Morning”, was released a few months ago. The best part about writing it was getting to experience first hand the adventure Reese went on in her quest to answer all the questions that have been haunting her for years. Now a reporter for the Chicago Times, this job provides the perfect means to squeeze out the resolutions to all those mystifying questions. With a profession that includes stealing snapshots of various famous personalities, what’s to stop a person from hunting for a famous bandit?


An alluring combination of danger and tempation…

When Chicago Times reporter, Reese Donavon set out for India, determined to investigate the case of a nationally acclaimed felon, she’d expected a cloud of peril to eclipse her expedition. Had she known just how close to home it would linger, she would have arrived far better prepared.

Now she finds herself alone, in a luxuriously appointed Hindi suite, at the mercy of the very man she came to India in search of. Left with no choice but to either become his partner or risk losing her life, she readily agrees to the stranger’s demands. As she follows him across oceans and countries, she finds herself slowly falling further and further under his spell. Now, as uncertain of his real motives as she is her own feelings, she discovers the greatest danger of all lies not in the fear of losing her life, but rather in the fear of losing her heart…

It may surprise you to hear, but there is a little more to the situation than meets the eye. This is how it started:

Christian reen­tered the kitchen, winding his way through the crowd until he had reached the head of the table.

“Hello, Princess,” he said to Reese, giving her a smile that would have done justice to a fairy-tale prince. “I have something for you. It isn’t quite as beautiful as Vince’s gift but it will have to do.”

Leaning forward he gently settled the crown he had woven from pink daisies on her head and placed a long-stemmed pink rose across her outstretched hands. Lifting the elfin fingers to his mouth, his lips barely grazed their surface.

“Happy birthday, Your Majesty.”

Raising her head to meet his eyes, Reese gazed with open ad­miration at her knight in shining armor.

“They’re beautiful,” she told Christian, her voice quiet and breathy.

“I heard a Princess was having a birthday,” Chris replied. “As everyone knows, a lady can never attend a party without her crown and scepter.”

*GIVEAWAY: Do you have any favorite jewelry pieces you are particularly fond of? Let me know in the comments and one commenter will win a copy of one of my books. Contest ends at 11:59PM EDT on April 11, 2013. *

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7 thoughts on “Stranger by Morning by Adrienne Davenport

  1. Great excerpt. Sounds like a great read.

  2. Thanks for hanging out with us today Adrienne!

  3. Your book sounds really good.
    Yes, I have a special piece of jewelry-it is a cameo ring that was my Grandmother’s she brought over from italy.

  4. My favorite piece of jewelry changes often, but it is probably the ring my mom gave me when I turned 18.

    Thanks for hanging out with us today.

  5. I have a beautiful pearl necklace that my parents gave me for my 21st birthday. I treasure it.

  6. My favorite jewel is my silver necklace it has a lil rose, it was a gift from by bf 🙂

  7. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments! I find all of your various input very intriguing. If you wish to keep up on what is currently going on with me and my work please visit my webpage: Take care and all the best!

    -Adrienne Davenport

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