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Dating 9-1-1 by Kathleen Grieve


Welcome and thank you so much to Lisa and Emily for inviting me here today! I’m going to discuss the men featured in the first two books of my Dating Series by Evernight Publishing, Dating 9-1-1 and Dating Impossible.  The hero of Dating 911, firefighter Jett Avery and his twin brother Dr. Cruz Avery who is featured in Dating Impossible may be identical with their potent charm and devastating looks, but they dress different, style their hair different, and both have their own ideas when it comes to dating.  A couple of studs so hot, there probably should be a vaccine against men like them.


Jett is a more t-shirt and jeans rugged kind of guy who likes to embellish his accomplishment with personalized t-shirts with sayings on them. Now that he is settled and married the latest t-shirt he was seen in had the words emblazoned, “MY HOSE SEES MORE ACTION”.  He wears his hair in a careless spikey kind of style and loves an ice cold beer.

Cruz, on the other hand, is more refined and sophisticated in his personal style.  He loves Armani suits and ties, $10,000 wrist watches; he never has a hair out of place, and drives a cherry red Aston Martin DBS Volante.  While he won’t turn down a cold brew, he prefers a fine wine.


Writing these two men were amazing.  When Jett realized he’d actually fallen in love, he got physically sick and threw up which had his brother laughing his ass off.  Whereas when Cruz realized he was in love, he embraced the possibility and came up with a game plan to ensure his happiness.

I chose someone special for Cruz…someone who’d had a long time girlhood crush because I wanted him to realize what he’d been missing out on while chasing after all the wrong women.  So here is a little introduction into the woman who won Dr. Cruz Avery’s heart:

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God

The mantra screamed inside JJ’s head as she trailed after Ambra and took her place in line with the other bridesmaids. Had she really just stuck her tongue out at Cruz Avery? How freakin’ childish. She’d always felt immature around him. She wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere until her embarrassment faded. She mulled her recent encounter with her teenage heartthrob over in her addled brain.

Had he actually looked a tad disappointed when she’d called him Jett? She’d turned her back to him to keep from laughing out loud or he’d surely have known she was kidding, so she really hadn’t gotten a very good look at his face. Maybe he had been disappointed and maybe it was just wishful thinking on her part.

The excited whispers of the other bridesmaids buzzed around her. The organ music began. One by one, they filed down the aisle holding fragrant bouquets of red and white winter lilies. Dimly aware of her surroundings, she followed as rehearsed. Her frenzied thoughts continued. Her? Mistake Cruz for Jett? She practically snickered for all to see, barely managing to keep her smile neutral. JJ was the resident expert on everything Cruz Avery. Sure, the men were identical twins, but they were such opposites. JJ had always known which was which.


She didn’t need the tell-tale burn marks that were scattered on Jett’s neck, arms, and chest to distinguish between them. Another thought smacked her right between her eyeballs. Cruz had really been about to kiss her back there! And when she’d purposely flashed more than a bit of leg to gauge his interest, he’d practically salivated with hard cock in hand. Why had she stopped him?


Her childhood crush was just that. A crush. She was no longer the gangly, flat-chested, awkward girl who longed for Cruz Avery’s love and attention. Without conceit, she was well aware her beanpole figure had developed curves in all the right places and her double D’s drew a man’s notice. They had certainly drawn Cruz’s attention just now. Her lips curved in pure feminine satisfaction. About fucking time!

Unable to resist, she snuck a peek in Cruz’s direction. As best man, he stood on the groom’s side of the altar. His attention should’ve been on his brother and Roxanne, but instead, he stared openly at her. His smoky grey gaze held a definite interest. He inclined his head.

Outwardly, she knew she presented the picture of calm, but her stomach fluttered with exhilaration. The teenage girl that still lurked inside of her wanted to jump up and down, screaming at the top of her lungs. God, she would’ve amputated her right arm for him to look at her like that when she’d been in high school.

Easily six feet tall, he’d slicked his short black hair to the side in his usual style. Clinically, she continued her assessment. Chiseled jaw? Check. Sensual mouth? Check. Broad shoulders that filled out his tuxedo jacket to a perfect “T”? Double check. Heat spread across her cheeks.

Yowza! So much for clinical.

*Giveaway* So I hoped you enjoyed my little excerpt of Dating Impossible, book 2 of my Dating Series. My question for you today is have you ever had a crush from childhood that spilled into your adult life? Tell me all about the juicy little details and in exchange, I’ll put your name in a drawing for $10 Evernight Publishing Gift Certificate and a free e-book of Dating Impossible.  Contest ends April 7th at 11:59PM EDT.

Good Luck!



dating-impossible1sFocused on her career, Dr. JJ Jones doesn’t have time to date—and she certainly doesn’t want to date the “player” of the ER none other than her girlhood crush, Dr. Cruz Avery. JJ found out the hard way that romantic relationships in the work place don’t mix forcing her to relocate back to Arizona and change jobs. She’s determined to spend her free time enjoying her Harley, reading true-crime novels, and learning about the new community she lives in. Dogged by the gorgeous Dr. Avery with his skillful hands, disarming smile, and hot lips, her resolve wavers. For now, she’s having fun making his mission to date her down right impossible!

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About Kathleen Grieve

Full time nurse, amateur cake baker, writer, and zombie obsessed, Kathleen draws a lot from the real-life medical drama she experiences as a RN for her novels. Writing romance is a creative outlet where she can effectively deal with the daily stress and sorrow, adding levity and humor to situations that provide a happily ever after when there isn’t one.

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11 thoughts on “Dating 9-1-1 by Kathleen Grieve

  1. Wow, that is quite a pair of brothers! Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Kathleen!

  2. Both brothers sound awesome! But Jett is more my style. 🙂 All the best with your new release!

    • Oh, and as for my crush, no. It never spilled into adulthood. Though I recently just saw one of my high school crushes again. Now, it’s just weird.

      • It is weird! I reconnected with an old flame on fb from high school about 2 years ago. A bit awkward!

  3. Thankfully, my teenage crushes did not spill over into adulthood. I did have one day recently where they all decided to show up in my life on the same day at various public venues. My friend who was with me nearly died of laughter. Seemed entirely unfair.

    Thanks for hanging out with us today.

  4. Love these brothers! Cruz for me! And crushes? Well, I met my hubby at 16 and married him…he didnt give me a chance to form any more crushes! 😉

  5. Being a nurse must be helpful in writing these doctors!
    I have long since moved away from where I grew up and don’t have contact with anyone from “the old days.” I do occasionally think of my high school sweetheart but have not seen him in 25 years and don’t expect to.

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