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Inspired by True Events by Kacey Hammell


Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is feeling vulnerable. I don’t mean wondering if readers will buy/like a book, but in some instances it can go deeper than that. Especially this time.

Sweetest Salvation was inspired by real life events. In SS, the heroine, Andy is suffering from survivor’s guilt. She lost her son and husband within months of each other and loses herself in the grief of it, then takes a path that pulls her deeper into the darkness.

When I was having dinner with the real “Andy” (protecting her privacy) and we discussed the past and the losses in her life and the dark “tunnel vision” (as she calls it) that she went through, it was a healing moment for her as well. It was her idea for me to write a loosely based story – the losses in her life are true, and she did keep company with the opposite sex that wasn’t healthy, and she did find love again – with herself. I was hesitant to write the story but the idea intrigued me. After about three months of her constant chatter about doing the story, I outlined the potential in the idea and she loved it. It was hard to watch her go through a lot of the pain and despair again, difficult for me to remember those days as well, but in the end I believe we turned it into a great story.

I do worry about how I’ll deal with any negative reviews Sweetest Salvation might get in the future from readers/reviewers. LOL Normally I don’t let things like that bother me too much, everyone has an opinion, but this being such a personal and real “Andy” is one of my dearest friends, I hope things will be okay. It was one of the reasons I hesitated in writing the story. However, if one or two readers who may be/or have gone through something similar can find some healing or understanding within the pages, then I’ll be extremely happy. I just have to remind myself that I wrote this for “Andy” and no one else. But I do hope many people enjoy it!

Survivor’s guilt, agony and despair are definitely key pieces of the story but I hope readers feel the healing power of love, self-discovery and learning to live again as well.



Sweetest Salvation

Contemporary Erotic Romance/Light Bondage

Content Warning: Contains Voyeurism, Spanking, Multiple Partners

Available at Evernight Publishing

**An Editor’s Pick!**


After the deaths of her husband and child, tragedies that she blames herself for, Andrea “Andy” Sheaver has shut herself off from the world. The only place she finds any relief from her shattered heart is Club Splendor, where she and her husband often frequented together.  There, Andy submits to pleasure and pain in situations so her grief is forgotten for a little while.

But Hunter Sullivan won’t stand idly by and watch Andy self-destruct. A friend of her husband, and the owner of Club Splendor, Hunter has kept his love for Andy hidden for years. He refuses to think of her at the club, cold and detached as she’s become, looking for an easy fix to take away the pain in her heart.  Hunter wants her to vibrant in life again and sets out to prove he is exactly who she needs.



Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013


Dear lord, this was Hunter.

Could she step over the invisible line and take what he offered?

He was attractive, always had been to her. Hell, she’d only been married, not dead. She appreciated a gorgeous man when she saw him.

Hunter always treated with her respect and friendship. She didn’t know how much he dated but had heard women at the club mention his prowess in the bedroom. He could probably give her everything she needed. There would be a sense of safety with him at least.

And her body’s reaction to him today, while surprising, knew what it wanted. While she was sure it was a bad idea for them to journey down this path, she was overwhelmed by the sudden realization that not just any cock would do.

She wanted Hunter. Wanted only him inside her.

Her breath hitched and her lungs filled, making it hard to breathe. No, she didn`t have the courage to give into this man.

She needed to get out of this room and away from him. Grabbing the doorknob once more, Andy yanked.

Hunter’s palms never moved from the door, but in her hasty movements, his chest aligned tighter against her back.

Pressed against the door, she turned her head, her right cheek resting on it as her breasts pushed against her bra. The hard surface scraped against her clothing, which abraded her nipples. The urge to purr and rub against the wood was overwhelming.

Hunter’s body pressed against her; the cock cradling her ass told her that he was just as affected as she. His length was hard, solid. His hips dipped and shoved against the crack of her ass.

“Andy,” he whispered in her ear.

She closed her eyes, willed herself to push back against him until he let her go.

Her eyes opened when she realized her hips moved against his. Her pussy quivered and her stomach clenched. There was no sense in fighting a losing battle. She wanted him.


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Canadian author, Kacey Hammell is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes mainly in the Contemporary Erotic/Romantic Suspense genres.  She is a true romantic at heart.

Where to find Kacey…

Website / Facebook / Facebook Author Page / Twitter / Amazon / Goodreads / Pinterest




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Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

14 thoughts on “Inspired by True Events by Kacey Hammell

  1. Great behind the scenes look, Kacey. Those times in life are tough, but the other side is always brighter.

    Plus it makes a great book!

    Thanks for hanging out with us today.

  2. I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about any negative reviews of this one, Kacey!

    Thanks so much for coming over today!

  3. I think the fact that you’ve written something that has touched you so personally, will show in every page that is turned. I really can’t wait to read this one, and I’m positive people will find the same as well.

    • Thnx Layna. I went over it a lot — to be sure the emotion was a key piece of the story while also making sure it wasn’t too dark or desperate — know what I mean? I really wanted the journey/healing to be well represented. Should you get the chance to read it, LMK what you think.

      • You know I will darlin’. For me, those are the best kinds of reads. I love being drawn in by reality, and nothing hits home when you’re vision is coming up from the pages, and gripping a gal by the collar.

        Keeping my fingers crossed for you, and I wish you much success with sales. And if I don’t win, I assure you I’ll be picking it up. 😉

  4. I LOVE, love, love the background and excerpt for Sweetest Salvation. I love that Andy is able to find her way out of the “tunnel vision” / bad place. I don’t think you will see too many (if any) bad reviews about this book. I hope the real Andy continues to do well.

    Mindy 🙂

    • Thank you Mindy. She is doing well, very well. She went back to school 2 yrs ago, got her degree in ECE (Early Childhood Education) and works with kids now. She has a great man in her life and smiles continuously.

  5. Writing about ‘Real’ events disguised as ‘Fiction’ is [IMHO] one of the most difficult tasks we as writers ever attempt to carry off in a convincing/believable manner. At least you’re “at arm’s length” in this instance (writing about some one ELSE). It’s ten times more difficult trying to describe emotions and events from your OWN, personal experiences. I haven’t written a lot of Romantic genre material (yet!) but I’ve found it difficult to stand back and look at the ‘Big Picture’. Even us blokes have our feelings!

    • Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by.
      It was very taxing to keep the story as real as possible and not get too stuck/strict on the minute details–or turn off my ears to the editors. Of course I didn’t want to hear about anything that wasn’t perfect but all authors have to face the music and realize that nothing is perfect. I had to keep telling myself there was always room for improvement. I especially don’t want anyone to “crush” this piece, but I know not everyone will love it. It’s all part of the process…or so I keep repeating in my head!

      Have a great weekend!

  6. This sounds like a nice story of love and hope. I like to read these kinds of stories.

  7. I’m sure you wrote Andy’s story with great passion and sensitivity because it is so personal. And it’s those darkest times in a story that make the HEA that much sweeter. All the best!

  8. Thank you for telling us about the personal side to this story. It will only add to the reading experience.

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