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Things Romance Heroes Love: Sleeping In


What’s a handsome billionaire got to do at 5:30AM? Nothing. That’s right, when the world revolves around your needs, there is no point in setting the alarm for an early morning. Especially when you never know when you are going to get to sleep.



It makes sense, really. If you’ve stayed up all night dancing, drinking, and pleasing your woman, it’s going to be awfully hard to jump out of bed in the morning.  The magical snooze button won’t cut it either. The secret is to not schedule anything before noon. Then you can sleep until 10, have some breakfast, plenty of coffee, a nice shower and show up looking classy and put together.  It also saves you from falling asleep in a meeting.






Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

2 thoughts on “Things Romance Heroes Love: Sleeping In

  1. I think keeping your schedule open until noon is good advice for everyone!

  2. Most night owls really start their day around noon, right? You get more accomplished at night when there are not so many distractions but certain distractions, well, those are the kind you look forward to having.

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