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Interview with Noah by Ursula Sinclair (aka LaVerne Thompson)


Noah (from Something Blue- The Guardian Agency Series Book 2) decided he wanted to blog about himself today. I swear I couldn’t stop him.

My name is Noah Lorren. I have a secret that not even my two best friends and partners in the Guardian Agency Security know. No one does, well except one other and she doesn’t count, not any more. All that aside my life is pretty good. I’m single successful and easy on the eyes. *snickers* Life really couldn’t get any better. I was right, I usually am. It got worse the minute she came back into my life.

SB_MDI handle the bodyguard section of my security business. When the rich and famous need protecting they call on me. But when this particular call came in I couldn’t turn it down. You see the request came from someone in my past. Someone I still care about, even if it’s been ten years since I laid eyes on her. But damn if the thought of being around her again didn’t make me feel like a geeky 18 year old, but she was the only woman I’d ever love. Ten years later you’d think I’d have grown a pair, but the thought of her still turns me to mush. *shrugs* Now for the past few weeks I’ve had to play her bodyguard. The woman is driving me insane! So is it any wonder I have to act more like a hard ass around her when instead of using my mouth to yell and snarl at her I’d much rather use it to do something else to her. Something more pleasurable for the both of us. River Blu had grown into her body, all curves, just the way I like a woman and a head of hair I want to rub myself in. The only problem is we share a past, one that neither of us can forgive the other for. You see she did something she felt forced to do and I abandoned her or she left me, I’m not so sure anymore. *frowns* But we’re no longer kids, and we keep circling each other. We still have one thing in common though, a shared love of music. River always did have a voice like an angel so no surprise she was now a rock star for the ages, and some shit for brains wants to hurt her. Over my dead body.

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GIVEAWAY: Ursula will give one lucky commenter a pdf version of the first book in The Guardian Agency Series, White Wedding. Contest ends February 7, 2013 at 11:59PM EST.


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8 thoughts on “Interview with Noah by Ursula Sinclair (aka LaVerne Thompson)

  1. Wow, he is very sexy indeed! I think I need to know more about Mr. Lorren. Thanks for hanging out with us today!

  2. Sexy bodyguard? LOVE! Thanks for being here!

  3. Oh, I can feel the sizzling tension radiating off the screen. I don’t think Noah’s going to get through this without facing the past. 😉

  4. Sounds like a great read!! Congrats on your new release Ursula !!

  5. That’s completely hooked me in! I really want to find out more.

  6. Thanks everyone. It was fun writing Noah and River’s story.

  7. Being that I met Mr Lorren before (read the book), I know that this is a sizzler and still one that I turn to reread over and over.

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