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A Li’l Controversy, Fangs, and a Holiday Series by FL Bicknell


Written by Cutter Phoenix a.k.a. F.L. Bicknell

Vampires. The word conjures images of sexiness—thanks to Hollywood—and fear mixed with curiosity. Until recently, vampires only made cameo appearances in my romantic fiction, but something inspired me last fall and I decided to write my very first manuscript with vamps as the main characters. What inspired me? I have no clue, LOL!

Perhaps it’s the glut of fangy romances on both physical and cyber shelves. Maybe it’s the very fact that I’ve never written a vampire book. [shrug] Whatever the reason, one thing I did want to do was pen something different in this category. Hmm…how the H.E. double hockey sticks do I come up with a unique slant on sexy, vampy romance?

Then it hit me. Since I write m/m romance under a couple of pseudonyms, I decided to make the series m/m. Secondly, I’ve never written any Christmas titles before. However, as I started pounding out the story on my laptop, the overall answer to my dilemma hit me. [Insert sound of shattering glass and a hollow thud] I would write a series of m/m vampire romance books that revolved around a holiday and/or special seasonal changes!

Happy dance! [Runs through house laughing maniacally, trips over kid’s toy Wrestle Mania ring. Mayday! She’s breaking up, she’s breaking up!] Well, at least I avoided crashing into the TV or the aquarium.

Where was I? Oh, yes. The holiday series idea.

Tristan is alone on Christmas Eve and once again wondering how—or why—his lover vanished. He stumbles into Justice, his ex-partner, in an unusual manner, finds himself thrust into vampire gang wars, and ends up destroying Christmas decorations in a car chase and watching as the love of his life “murders” another vampire.

Now, the very premise of Fangs for Christmas comes into play toward the end of the novella. I won’t give a spoiler alert, but I’m sure you get the idea based on the title. This is a series, thus the subtitle of The Holiday Series on the book’s listing. I’ve been simultaneously stymied and pleased by the mail from readers regarding this book! It’s controversy on whether or not there’s an ending. I stand firm that there is and that readers wanted it more romantic. Some messages I’ve received say things like, “I love this story, but there’s no ending!” (yes, there is!), and “I was glued to my e-reader, but where’s the ending?” (Hello? There is definitely an ending, lmao!), and also, “Please-please tell me there’s another book in the near future!”

And to answer the last question—yes, there is another novella coming this spring for either St. Patty’s Day or Easter; but who knows, it could be sooner if I get my writing schedule under control. In book two, Justice has a boner—er, bone—to pick with Tristan over his uhm…end-of-book decision. The lovers will battle more vampires as they try to find a way to either end the gang wars or discover a haven where the wars are forbidden. Still, what’s a book without conflict, so readers will also meet a conducător or two (the leaders of each gang), and fight to keep their love from being destroyed.

So, watch for book two coming from Freya’s Bower, and note that I write as Cutter Phoenix exclusively for Freya’s so you won’t find Cutter books from any other publisher. And if I miss a holiday, I can always write about it later in another book. Until then, if you missed it, why not pick up a copy of Fangs for Christmas and then you decide whether or not it has an ending (I still say there is, rofl!). “Fangs” launches the series, it’s scorching hot, and it not only has lots of action but also great, unexpected humor. Oh yeah, and a powerful bite at the end that leads to trouble—big trouble and emails, LMAO!

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fangsforxmasbkFangs for Christmas blurb – Book 1 The Holiday Series

Seven years ago on Christmas Eve, Justice, the one person Tristan cared about the most, vanished. Alone for yet another holiday, he rescues a man in an alley only to come face to face with his missing lover.

But something is different about Justice, and before Tristan can stop himself, he welcomes him back into his life. It forces him into the middle of vampire gang wars and he finds himself on the run with Justice. A car chase, a destroyed Christmas tree, and the alleged murder of a spy vamp sends them into the worst blizzard Pennsylvania has endured in years. Can he allow Justice to have his heart, or will he demand Tristan’s life instead?


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2012 author picF.L. Bicknell’s work has appeared in a wide range of genres and publications such as: Would That It Were, Touch, GC, and Ohio Writer Magazine as well as publications in Canada and Turkey. Under her now-retired pseudonym, Molly Diamond, she was a regular contributor to Gent and Ruthie’s Club and has had fiction published in Hustler’s Busty Beauties, Penthouse Variations, and Twenty 1 Lashes. Ms. Bicknell is the author of several e-book and print titles, also writing as Azura Ice, Amber Redd, Cutter Phoenix, and Kiyara Benoiti. She has served as co-editor and managing editor for three different publishing houses. She is represented by TriadaUS Literary Agency.


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  1. Thank you for having me on your beautiful site!

  2. Thanks so much for joining us today! I love the cover for this one!

  3. Wow. Hot, hot cover and I love the premise!

  4. It’s hot, hot, hot! LOL What can I say? I am the editor, but DH was very happy the night I finished editing it. 😀 TMI? Sorry. Well, not really. LOL

  5. I’m not usually a vampire gal, but m/m makes a lot of things more appealing! Fun post…

  6. Bernadette Phipps-Lincke, I pulled your name as the winner of the e-book. Email me at bicknellbrown AT sbcglobal DOT net so I can send you a super spicey story!

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