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Things Romance Heroes Love: Exclusivity


Ever been traveling or generally hanging around somewhere and thinking how much you feel exactly like everyone else? Yeah, me too. Then, from across the room, you spot some well-dressed man getting something that you want too. Maybe a drink or a free upgrade. It sounds nice, so you go over to the desk and ask for yours. After all, if they are giving something away, I am right there with open hands waiting (see the name of the blog).

Sorry, but you have to belong to our exclusive club to have those benefits.

Photo by peregrinari

Photo by peregrinari

Oh, right. You don’t have a membership card. It’s like being in first grade all over again. You didn’t get an invitation to the popular girls’ secret recess club where they sit under the slide and discuss– well, you don’t know because they never gave you one of those fancy construction paper cards that entitled you to sit in the sand with them.

*ahem* I may have gotten off topic. Anyway, our fancy romance heroes have never had this problem. They are members of everything.

Clubs that require them to have stayed at a hotel a certain number of times before they got automatic upgrades, guaranteed rooms, and free internet?

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Paso Robles

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Paso Robles


Airline clubs that require them to have flown a million miles?

I wanted all of George Clooney's benefits in this movie

I wanted all of George Clooney’s benefits in this movie


Those clubs where you have to be on a waiting list for a few decades to get an invitation so you can pay an exorbitant fee to join a club to get benefits you will never use (*cough* Club 33 *cough*)?




And why would they be a member of all these?

So they can treat that special woman to the vacation/night/experience of her dreams without waiting in line once.

What do you think? Are membership benefits worthwhile?


Author: emilycale

Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. Don't feed after midnight.

10 thoughts on “Things Romance Heroes Love: Exclusivity

  1. I am a member of AAA. If I have a blowout by the side of the road, one of their member service stations/towing companies may arrive. Eventually. OTOH, I also have A&P, Shoprite and CVS cards. These are pretty good to have if you need to save a nickel on a bag of corn chips.

    • I’m a AAA member too and it definitely has its benefits. Like waiting on the side of the road for an hour. I use it more for the hotel discounts. I like my little cards too though. Always nice to walk in to the Dunkin Donuts and get a free treat!

  2. I am not a member of anything because I am a rebel. An outlaw, baby. But it has become my new goal in life to get into Club 33. In fact, it is at the top of my list right now.

    • *cough* Right, I’m sure. You totally strike me as a Disney fanatic. My mom is a HUGE Disney fan though and I wish I was in it just so I could take her.

      • Lol! I’m not kidding. It has nothing to do with it being Disney. I want to go because simply because it is impossible to get into. That makes it very, very appealing.

        I hope you get to take your mom there some day!

      • Apparently I’m not cool enough to be able to reply to your reply.

        Since I am not currently on the list, it will probably not happen. Any billionaire men want to take me?

  3. Yes! Everyone loves feeling special. I especially enjoy being treated like royalty. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but when it does, WOW, I never forget it! And I will be a loyal minion for life. How fun would it be to have minions of my own?

  4. Since I had to Google Club 33, I think chances are good you won’t find me there. (Unless RWA has another conference in Anaheim and I’m still a member of RWA.)

    • Add your name to the list now. I hear it takes about 10 years to work your up to even be contacted to join. Or, you could find yourself a handsome man with money and connections who would happily take you with him.

      Both are good options. One has more *cough* benefits.

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