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The Last Time by Elodie Parkes


I write erotic romance, and sometimes even in the middle of writing the steamiest scene, I will suddenly realize something is not quite right and it will have me grinning.

Take my work in progress, The Last Time. It’s finished and with a publisher, but even now I have to smile at the journey made to the principal characters’ names, and quietly wonder if the publisher will notice what I am about to spill the beans on to you readers here.
The two characters that fall in love were originally called Anna and Graeme. Then the 50SOG phenomenon hit, and I decided I couldn’t possibly let my characters have those names.

I considered names for a week, unable to write until I had my darlings named. I came up with Seth and Bethany, and her brother would be Jake.

I settled to write and wrote happily for a few days until…. wham…in the middle of a love scene steaming up the screen of my laptop, I suddenly realized Seth was calling Bethany, ‘Beth’ and she naturally was calling him, Seth. That didn’t seem right… Beth and Seth?
I went on a rampage through baby name websites looking for names I liked for these characters as much as Seth and Bethany and then…exhausted and out of chocolate biscuits I decided Seth wouldn’t ever shorten his loved one’s name. It would always be Bethany, and even her brother would stay with Bethany.

Hallelujah for MS Word, as only a few minutes later I could once more let my sweethearts fall in love on the page.

But wait I hear you cry, there must be more… and there is. I went through three designs of covers until I found a design I liked and even now, I can’t decide on ‘the one’.

I know you would like to see them, and I have two of the designs for you here, but as for all the different permutations of the chosen one, you will need to visit my blog. I couldn’t possibly impose on the kindness of Lisa and Emily and use up such huge amounts of their blog.

Design #1


Design #2


The Last Time, soon to published (if the names can stay the same)

Actor Seth Carbery swears he will never fall in love again, that is until he meets private detective Bethany Snow.

The Last Time

by Elodie Parkes


He was holding her tightly against him. She felt the slight rasp of his unshaven face against her cheek as he transferred his kiss to the soft part of her shoulder, and began to suck, sending waves of sensation down her body. She traced the lines of his back muscles down to his hard bottom, and then as they rolled onto their sides she felt for him, hoping to curl her fingers around his erection. She wanted him inside her, and she moved her thigh to rest over his hip.
As she ached for more of the soft, wet kisses he now trailed across her breasts, she whispered, “Please put your fingers in me. Feel how much I need you”. He smiled, his mouth now against hers, his tongue tracing the seam of her lips. She felt his fingers tease her wetness and she tightened her hold on him.


Bethany could suddenly hear the sound of bells. They were far away and a nuisance because she was in the middle of a lovely dream. What was that she thought as she surfaced from sleep? She blinked in the bright sunlight coming through her bedroom window and knew from it that it could still only be very early in the morning.

The doorbell was still ringing. Bethany sat up in bed and put her feet gingerly on the floor. She still felt unwell and she walked to answer the door to her apartment reluctantly. Couldn’t they just leave her alone for a couple of days?

She opened her door.

Jake stood there looking frantic.

“Bethany I was really worried. It’s taken you ages to answer the door. You’re not still sick?” He strode into the apartment behind the silent Bethany who was considering her answer.

She managed not to curse. “Jake I have a really nasty virus. I’ve only been ill a day. What’s going on?” She had started to make coffee and Jake opened her fridge taking out a carton of orange juice. He found clean glasses in the dishwasher where Bethany had left them and poured them both a glass of juice.

“Vitamin C will help. I had that same virus a couple of weeks ago and shook it off after a day”.

Bethany took the glass of orange juice from him and drank some before she poured boiling water on the instant coffee granules in the cups.

“Two days Jake. What the hell are you here for anyway?”

Jake gave her a sympathetic look.

“We’ve got a job. Brandt is sending us to a movie set, well you actually, although I will come to the initial meeting for assessment of the situation”.

Bethany sighed and sneezed. She sat down on a stool at her kitchen table and looked at Jake menacingly.

“And you couldn’t have told him I was sick, you couldn’t have said you’d go on your own and I could catch up with you in a couple of days?”

Jake looked pained. “Who talks back to Brandt?”


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A final word from Elodie, “Want to know what Seth looks like in my head? He’s on my blog now littering up the New Year blog hop post.” (smiles)

GIVEAWAY: Elodie is giving away kindle copies of ‘The Horoscope Writer’ and ‘Millie Reinvented’ to one lucky commenter. Leave a comment with your opinion about the two covers pictured above for your chance to win. Contest ends at 11:59PM on January 6, 2012.  (Books are erotica, so you must be 18+ to enter). 


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6 thoughts on “The Last Time by Elodie Parkes

  1. Great post, Elodie! I personally like design #2 better. Thanks for being a guest here!

  2. Naming characters is very difficult business. And you were out of chocolate biscuits! That is a crisis. I’m glad it all worked out.

  3. Hi Elodie, congrats on your new book and I do like both covers but I think I would have to pick design #2.

    Can’t wait to see what you decide 🙂

  4. I’d buy these books based on the covers. I love the placement of the hands, in BOTH covers, and the coloring of them. The 2nd one is the best though.

  5. I love the second book cover the best. It just makes the eyes go directly to it. I love the color in the secnod one best. Of, course it is your decision to make. Thanks for giving us a peek.

  6. I really love cover two. Seems like there are a lot of covers like one coming out now you know black and white with one other color in it. I love the way the woman is backed up to the man and both their hands making a play for her pants and the little pistol just sets it off Shihtzushappens@gmail,com

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