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Sleep Writing with Charmaine Gordon


Leave a comment to win an ebook copy of Reconstructing Charlie re: importance of virginity vs sexual freedom. Contest ends 12/20/12 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be announced 12/21/12.

A funny thing happened on my journey to becoming an author. I sleep write. Yes, you read it correctly. Not sleep walk but actually write, in my sleep. And that’s how Reconstructing Charlie came to be.

Picture this: An ordinary night. I wash face, use gentle scrub stuff, and apply various magical potions guaranteed to keep skin aglow with wrinkle free youthfulness. What a crock but a woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. Brush whiter than white teeth also guaranteed as promised on the squeezable tube. Hmm. And last, anoint bod that ain’t what she used to be, with favorite vanilla scented lotion. Ready for anything but he’s asleep by the time the ritual is finished so I turn off the light to sleep; perchance to dream? Not usually. Not memorable.

In a small Minnesota town, a fifteen year old girl holds a tire iron in her hands and brings it crashing down on her drunken father’s head to protect her mother.

What the hell? I’ve never been to Minnesota, never wrote about a teen before. My kids were grown and out of the house. Why in the world would I consider raising a fictional child. My previous stories are about women who survive & thrive. Romance/Suspense.

Next morning I began to write. Four months of living/writing her story as she dictated to me while perched on my shoulder. Me, a woman possessed, fingers flying with new characters introduced. The girl, Charlie, has to go to school. Somehow the setting is in Chicago, my hometown though I’ve lived in NY forever. Research, clothes circa 1996, music, athletics, college, and above all, sex. You see, in an era of erotic books, my Charlie decides to remain a virgin until the right person comes along. I cried, sometimes laughed pounding out Charlie’s story and when I typed The End, I broke down. Relief and sadness. Called my good pal, author Chelle Cordero, and cried some more. Sent it to Kimberlee Williams, my publisher at Vanilla Heart.

Reconstructing Charlie

Reconstructing Charlie newstyle 3D


Charlie Costigan has a secret. Home life gone from bad to the worst when she protects her mother from another vicious attack by her drunken father. Midnight. Clothes thrown into an old suitcase, she races for the bus with a letter to an unknown aunt and uncle. “This is my daughter. Embrace her as if she were your own.”

Determined, Charlie begins again. Alone with her secret.



REVIEW: Charmaine Gordon’s straight-forward writing style with the undercurrent of suspense makes Reconstructing Charlie spellbinding. The no-frills style keeps the reader focused on Charlie and her PLAN. Even the exquisite descriptions of places like Eleanor and Stuart Alfred’s home, the Shakespeare Gardens at the university are all instrumental in the “reconstructing” of Charlie.

How Charlie comes to terms with her secret, finds peace about it, and how she accepts her mother’s attitude is a thought-provoking part of the story that reveals much about how Charlie, once a shattered child, copes with horrific happenings in life and survives, thrives, and even finds her happy-ever-after.
originally posted at LAS Romance Reviews

Out to the garden for a respite from writing. With care, due to rotator cuff surgery, left handed I pulled weeds easy after a torrential rain. Gloves wet with mud, just the way I like, when two characters from Reconstructing Charlie talked to me. “Hey, what about us? You left us hanging.”

OMG! Here I go again. Is this like a sequel? I’ve only written stand-alone.  No biggie. Right? Wrong. Introducing Sin of Omission.  (A lie, by any other name, is still a lie)

Seems easy enough. Jimmy Costigan will deliver supplies to sister Charlie’s project Haven, a respite for the needy, and leave. Simple.

Instead, Shelley Jackson answers the door, says she needs him and soft-hearted Jimmy stays to protect the family seeking refuge from a sociopath. He didn’t count on falling in love.

A twist of fate intervenes when Shelley keeps a secret that threatens to break apart the Costigans and her future. A mysterious client, Deanna Rose, enters Haven, victim of a savage beating under strange circumstances. Using Internet resources, Shelley digs in to find Ms. Rose has an unsavory past.

With the reputation and safety of Haven at stake, Shelley is at risk to lose everything … and everyone shecares about.

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Thanks Emily and Lisa for this opportunity to introduce me to your readers. Happy Holidays and wishing you happiness and good health.



Giveaway: An ebook copy of Reconstructing Charlie to a commenter re: importance of virginity vs sexual freedom.


Author: Lisa Fox

World-renowned neurosurgeon, master chef, secret member of American royalty, seducer of legions of beautiful, outrageously sexy angels and demons and vampires and werewolves and the occasional pirate, Lisa Fox has done it all… in her own mind. In reality, she can generally be found at her desk with a cup of coffee close at hand. Or maybe a martini. It really depends on the day.

4 thoughts on “Sleep Writing with Charmaine Gordon

  1. Dreams can be such powerful sources of inspiration. Charlie sounds like an amazing woman and I’m sure her choice to wait for the right person was difficult.

  2. Lisa, I enjoyed reliving the time of meeting Charlie; the angst of watching another teen grow. What a kick and I didn’t have to pay for her education. NU is costly. Thanks for this opportunity. Happy holidays and a healthy New Year.

  3. My dreams are always vivid and strange as well but I don’t think I’ve ever sleep written! Adding the book to my TBR pile, really like the concept. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment and sweet dreams. Enjoy Reconstructing Charlie and her journey.

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