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Leaving a Character Unsatisfied by Piper Trace


In the first book I wrote, Come When Called, the heroine, Evie, had more than one scene—particularly early on in the book—where the hero (Ford) was thoroughly satisfied but Evie was left…hanging. Ford has a serious dominant streak and he’s not the least bit interested in a relationship, so he makes a rather one-sided arrangement with Evie specifically to meet his orgasmic needs.

comewhencalled_msrEvie, who is strong, smart and self-reliant, willingly agrees to this hero-centric arrangement. I don’t need to tell many of you that being excited by the ideas of submission and control in no way corresponds with having a submissive, retiring personality. And Evie certainly is neither of those things. She just simply discovers that she likes it…really likes it…when Ford takes her in hand and tells her what to do.

Thanks to Ford, Evie discovers being used by him to satisfy his every lewd desire is intensely exciting for her and brings her pleasure like she’s never known. She certainly has a secret submissive streak, and fate has brought these two together to explore and escalate each other’s domination/submission, master/slave-type fantasies.

What’s that all mean? Volcanic sex for all of you to enjoy!

However, early comments from my editor suggested maybe there shouldn’t be sex in the book that seems only for the benefit of one main character and not the other. The reader might inevitably identify with the heroine and feel at best unsatisfied, and at worst, cheated by the scene or the hero.

Now I don’t mind torturing my readers…there must be a bit of a sadist in every writer…but I am NOT willing to let my readers feel cheated.  So I rewrote all those scenes, ensuring better relief for my heroine at every turn. I think (hope) that I’ve done this in a way that still maintains the undercurrent of master/slave vibe that I think is so hot and, in this case, crucial to the power of the story in Come When Called overall.

And though Evie is exploring her submissive side with this incredibly sexy billionaire dom-waiting-to-bloom and with his rough and tumble best friend, Charley, this is not a standard BDSM story. You’ll have to read it to see what I mean. Only, it’s taking me over two years to write, it’s well over the word-count my publisher publishes at this point, and I’m still not done with it. *sob*

Gigantic, MMF BDSM ménage, anyone?

One of these days, when I finally have a release date, I might get around to telling you. See? Sadist author!

So back to my original point. Evie had to be satisfied in my novel, but it occurred to me last night that there’s a scene in Fueling Her Fire, my small-town, lumberjack novella, where the poor hero is left wanting…and apparently that’s okay. At the heart of that scene is the whiff of revenge sex. I-hate-you-you-fucking-sex-god sex. (Though it’s more of a sex act than actual sex.) And I love that scene. Here’s a teaser:

Dylan’s face darkened. “Why are you laughing?”

“I’m sorry,” she touched his arm. “Really, I’m not laughing at you. I promise. It’s just that what you said was something that wouldn’t come out of my ex-boyfriend’s mouth in a million years. ‘A man’s got to try to please his woman.’” She imitated Dylan’s deep voice and dissolved into laughter again, imagining the staid William stiffly saying something so “alpha male”. He’d sound like a complete tool. But from Dylan it sounded so natural, so honest…and Kip knew that’s because it was.

Her laughter sobered quickly as this realization brought a rush of fresh heat to her clit, which had been long-neglected by her ex. “It’s just nice to hear a man say something like that,” she added softly.

Dylan licked his lips, and Kip wanted to reach out and touch their fullness or lay her hand on his cheek. He stroked her non-injured leg, his touch smooth and light. Not taking his eyes from hers he said, “I can do more than just say it.” His voice had grown husky and the combination of his touch, the seductive tone in his voice and the lust in his eyes caused her pussy to begin a traitorous throb.

“What? No!” She spit the words out as quickly as she thought them but didn’t make any movement to remove his hand from her skin. In unison, they looked down at his hand moving on her thigh like it was a situation both of them were helpless to put a stop to.

Dylan didn’t pause his slow caress. She wanted to stop him—knew she should stop him—but it felt so nice, his large hand on her bare leg…

No! She was not about to begin her holiday weekend in some kind of a remake of her senior year of high school. She already had one crushing memory of Dylan and she had no intention of making it a matching set.

“Dylan…” Her voice sounded uncertain though she’d been shooting for resolute. Taking a fortifying breath, she closed her eyes. Turning him away would be easier if she wasn’t looking into those clear blue eyes she’d seen so many times in her fantasies. “I’m not interested in rekindling a sexual relationship with you.”

“Not a relationship,” his words were as soothing as his touch, “just a demonstration of how I’d take care of you if you were my girl.” His hand felt hot against her skin and his confident sexuality spoke to a carnal part of her she’d kept buried for too long. “C’mon, Kip. You need it, and I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself.” He inched his hand higher on her thigh, his intense gaze issuing a challenge to her to stop him if she didn’t want it.

But she wanted it.

So what do YOU think as a reader? Is it okay to have a sex scene where one or more characters don’t…ahem…finish?


One random commenter will receive a copy of my hot lumberjack novella, Fueling Her Fire! The giveaway ends at 11:59EST on December 16, 2012.

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17 thoughts on “Leaving a Character Unsatisfied by Piper Trace

  1. I can personally vouch that Fueling Her Fire is an incredibly sexy story. I don’t remember thinking anything about him being unsatisfied in that scene. I think it shows up more when the woman is left unsatisfied. What do I know though.

    Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, Piper!

  2. I remember reading a book a while back where the hero, tortured of course couldn’t finish because he realized he was too messed up to be with someone as innocent as her. It was a very touching scene. It also set up the beginning of the strengthening of their relationship to get them to that happily ever after.

    Come When Called sounds hot! I love a good M/M/F menage.

  3. It better be okay! In FROST, my latest 1Night Stand story for Decadent Publishing (which I am hoping will be released by February 14)I the hero runs away in the, ahem, middle. He’s a fire-sex demon and thinks he’s getting a little too hot for the heroine to handle! But he does an excellent grovel.

    And I’m totally hooked on J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. In Z’s story, which may be my fave, Z literally gets sick to his stomach when the heroine tries to seduce him, because he’s been so damaged.

  4. Get writing girlfriend! I know I need a gigantic, MMF BDSM ménage in my life immediately!

    Thanks for hanging out with us today!

  5. Hi folks! You can check out all my books and news and other inane thoughts at

    Follow me on Twitter @PiperTrace …but at your own risk.

    Friend me on

    Fueling Her Fire is available on Amazon

    Barnes & Noble:

    And anywhere else your finer, romantic, heart-fluttering smut is sold. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!!

  6. I like everyone to get theres. But I do have to agree if someone isn’t going to be satisfied I prefer the hero. Sometimes its fun to see them squirm, especially if they deserve it.

  7. *sigh* I suppose it’s okay as long as the “finish line” in somewhere in the distance.

    • Hi Sheila! Okay, so I see my editor had a point about what readers want!! Well, no worries–I changed every scene so that Evie is fully satisfied in one way or another. And given that she’s got TWO horny, virile men to take care of, rest assured she’s getting enough satisfaction for TWO women for most of the book. 🙂

  8. Darling, there is a whole culture dedicated to edging and orgasm denial. Kind of an alluring concept…

    • Hi Sabrina! Yes I know… I think people jump to that idea when I talk about this, but even orgasm denial involves a lot of attention to the person being denied. This is different. She’s there to provide a service. Whether she enjoys it or not is kinda irrelevant to Ford, at least at the beginning. 🙂 But, things change quickly and Evie is all but exhausted in her satisfaction for most of the book. 😀

  9. In real life, many couples have sex were both aren’t satisfied.

    But, come on, we’re talking about writing here. Romance is the intimate fantasy. Both should get off together multiple times.

    • Hi Janice. I agree about your real-life observation, but this was actually *meant* to tap into a sexual submission fantasy–the fantasy of being used for sexual fulfillment by a man any time he wants it or needs it. He owns you. You’re there for him to take at his pleasure–fast or slow, rough or tender. You are his to use.

      Evie certainly ENJOYED that treatment, but at the beginning, she simply didn’t get enough in return from Ford to “finish” until he left–then she finished herself. But I changed the scenes so that Evie always gets hers too. And ultimately Evie ends up quite a lucky girl…two gorgeous men who take care of her together and separately for most of the book, taking pride in how many orgasms they give her. 🙂

      Thanks for adding your perspective!

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